Hi All,

Wondered if anyone could help me? I'm early thirties and at the very beginning of my application. Before I look too far into each role the Army offers, can anyone clear up the Scottish qualification system for me?
See, when I did my exams they were called "Standard Grades" and you were given a number from 1-7, now I understand they changed that system to "Nat 5" ???

On looking at the min entry requirements, I am shown grades "A-C/9-4" for example... obviously A-C is GCSE but I don't understand the 9-4 which I assume is the Scottish equivalent?? But as I said when i done them, we were numbered 1-7 with 1 being the highest grade.

Any help would be appreciated.
Grades 9 - 4 are the newer GCSE's, 4 being a min "pass" more or less C in older terms with 9 being A⭐. There is the national qualification framework that has a table that tries to align quals

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