Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Roughasabadger, Jun 24, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I am currently in the process of joining up, I have done my BARB and basic skills. However the jobs i wanted aren't open to me because my ACA says that because i have Scottish standard grades at a 3 and that this is equivalent to a English GCSE grade D. After some digging around i don't think this is the case as a Scottish grade 3 still = 5 ALIS points which is the same as a GCSE grade C.

    Am i right in what i'm saying here? because i don't want to look like a complete bellend going into the AICO and saying are you sure, because i am sure my ACA knows what he is talking about!

    Any help appreciated.
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Why don't you PM The Iron? He is the font of all knowledge recruitment wise.
  3. Ive explained to him Im not totally sure on this and without the info at hand which is very sketchy on the web its hard to work out as most sites say that theres no actual comparison. If his Recruiting Office is in Scotland then I would listen to his Recruiter as they will be the SME on it as had this many times in the past but also just enquire as some time even the experts can be slightly wrong. Seeing Im in Shandy drinking country I havent had to deal with this before. Im sure if a Scottish recruiters around they can shed some light on it.
  4. Scottish grades 1,2 and 3 etc equate to GCSE grades A,B and C respectively there is no Scottish equivalent of A*, hence if applying for Officer 34 points are required if studies are from Scotland, whereas GCSE requirements are 35 points. You are correct in your assumption that your SSG 3s are exactly the same as GCSE grade Cs for processing.
  5. See I told you someone would know, bet he copied the answers off Mrs Bootiful Darbyshire though :)
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  6. As said before a 3 is equivalent to a C pass, all scottish offices should have a conversion chart.

  7. I remember at the recruiting office I spoke to one the regs manning it, they are pretty adament at wanting grades A-C in GCSE and no equivs, I have a HND in Business Management and a GNVQ in Performing Arts but that GNVQ best I could do with it is wipe my arse
  8. If you look on your job sheet that the recruiter prints out on the qualifications it says Grade xxxxx or equivalent.

    How do you think some of the F and C boys get into technical jobs,???? they have the equivalent quals from there respective countries, your recruiter can also waiver stuff on the Tafmis system as well.

    Ask him.

  9. Thanks for the replies.

    I will go in and bring this up with my recruiter next week, however i get the feeling he is just going to say the same to me again and i don't really know where to go from there!

    The reason i think that he will give me same answer is, after i had done my BARB etc, my recruiter phoned to see if he could get me shaded to do the job i wanted originally. He explained to the person on the phone that i had 3's and they were D equivialents and the person on the phone never challenged that. Which made me think a D must be correct because thats two people saying it, Then he went on to say I couldn't get shaded as the job needed three C's, if it was only 1 then they may have done it.

    EDIT - I take it that when you put this onto the system, it's all in GCSE format? i.e you don't put in the Scottish equivialent and the system then changes it to a D automatically? The D would be put in by the recruiter manually?
  10. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    If you've got an HND why on earth did you bother with a GNVQ (at what ever level)?
  11. Ok be honest what is the GNVQ in performing Arts going to do for you in a trade in the Army...are you going to MIME taking a CV12 power pack out of Challenger tank or entertain the enemy with a quick Sketch whilst the rest of your lads are breaching through a minefield.

    On a serious note if you dont have the correct GSCE's a shading can be put in to the individual SPSO who will consider if he thinks your suitable and the HND is relevant to that job........a piece of paper certificate doesn't automatically get you the job and a lot of the time now especially in RE and REME jobs dont need extra people applying as they have 40 or 50 on each job awaiting allocations list who have the correct GCSE's(this isnt referring to Scottish GCSE's by the way but NVQ's, city and Guilds, HNDs, BTECs etc)
  12. Maybe he could try for the Concert Party.
  13. Roughasabadger, be under no illusion your 3s are Cs, not equivalent to etc, but are the same in every sense of the word, god forbid someone from Ireland pops into see that individual with an Irish leaving certificate or an IB !!
  14. Damn you I just started humming the theme song from IT AINT HALF HOT MUM.
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  15. Drifts off into reflective mode..........!
    What would you have done with Gnr Sugden?