I was just wondering if the qualifications that I've earned at college will help me during my army career?

NVQ level 3 IT Practitioner, Level 3 Advanced Diploma IT, MCDST, COMPTia A+, Advanced Apprenticeship.

Going in as a Clerk.
Your best bet would be getting factual advice from an AFCO in ref to your Army Career, they will have up to date & relevant information to assist you, most AFCO staff are drawn from a variety of different background & arms so some offices may have more specialst knowledge than others,

Oh I would advise you (once your in) to further your Qualifications via the SLC route, unless you've already researched into that route to improve your PDR,

Hope the info helps.
Obviously any quals are going to be beneficial to some degree, some more than others. I see no reason that your IT quals won't help out if you want to be a clerk. At the end of the day a demonstrated ability to learn new skills, particularly on computers, is a good thing.

Good luck

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