Hi guys,

I'm new here and just looking for some information! I know this stuff has been probably asked a million times but anyway....

I was interested in applying to join the Royal Engineers as an electrician but was a bit confused as to whether i had the correct entrance qualifications?

The army website mentions English and Maths at grade C and one other but i checked elsewhere and it mentioned it must be Science or Physics - I have seven Scottish Standard Grades (English 2, Mathematics 3 plus History 1, Physical Education 2, Computing 3, Chemistry 4 and French 5) and three Scottish Highers (English, History, Physical Education all grade C). Would i be knocked back for the Electrician trade because i dont have Physics or Science or would my other exams cover this?

Also i am twenty eight and would probably be twenty nine at basic if i managed to successfully pass all the stages to join up. I was a bit worried that i may be a bit old in regards to the other recruits in terms of fitting in?

Anyway going to head up to the AFCO in the next few days and have been working hard on the fitness but would be grateful for a bit of advice regarding the above.

Thanks for your help!

Cant speak for the quals question but I can offer my experience on being the older recruit. I was twenty eight when I joined and didn't find it a significant problem.
Phase one is so hectic that your constantly working and mucking in together that you end up bonding regardless whether or not you woud normally make the effort to mix with said individuals before you joined. Theres also obviously a large elment of everyone going through it together so if you don't make an issue out of your age it wont be a factor by the end of the first week i assure you.
There will probably be a few older recruits around anyway though you will probably be the eldest. I felt having a little life experience was useful for me because I knew what hard work was, knew why I wanted to be there and knew what I was going to get out of it at the end - this made putting up with the inevitable shi**y parts of training easier. ( BTW there were 17yr olds who showed exactly the mature and hard working attitude from day one so don't worry that everone will be a ill disciplined yoof that you cant relate to)
The staff recognised a mature attitude and largely left me out of the bollockings etc. If you are trying then in my experience the staff are less **** with everything you do. If they feel your attitude need adjusting then prepare for every minor thing to picked up on.
I say this to everyone so appologies if you already are but be really fit before you go, twenty eight is still a young man but your fittness will not improve as rapidly as the youngsters in the time, if your at the back to begin with, you'll probably stay there throughout.

Best of Luck
Thanks for the reply

Its good to hear from someone who has been through it before! Its all about what I put in I suppose in regard to the age difference - if I dont make an issue of it then it shouldn't be a problem hopefully.

Yeah been working hard on the fitness side of things. To be honest I would applied a few months ago but my fitness was not at the required standard so I have been working on that before visiting the AFCO.

Going to go and have a chat regarding the qualifications question with the careers office and see what my options are!

Regarding the grades, do your BARB and basic skills. Once you have done these and picked your jobs, your recruiter can go away and see if he can get you a shaded pass if you dont have one of the quals needed. I didnt have a C in english but because I had other quals he got me a shaded pass and I have adsc for RE Electrican next week :D
Northern Monkey,

Thanks for that - going to go into the careers office tomorrow morning and find out what my options are and will ask about the shaded pass if my other qualifications dont cover me. RE Electrician is the trade i would like to do after having a look through the website and the booklet and DVD that I was sent so fingers crossed for the BARB and basic skills.

Good luck for the ADSC!

Unfortunately couldn't make it Friday due to something that came up - I am definitely going on Monday morning so will post how i got on Monday afternoon!

im doing maths english and physics gcse now so i can join as an electrician, got physics exams next week. i did very good on the barb test but as i had no grades at all i couldnt join as an electrician :(

Went today to the AFCO and everything went well - i have my BARB test next Monday afternoon so looking forward to that. I said that i was interested in the Royal Engineers as a Electrician and the recruiter said that i should get a good score on the BARB and with my qualifications he would see no problem to put me forward for my chosen trade! Happy enough with that so its down to me do to well on the test.

As for my age he said that it would be no problem at all and it was up to me to put the effort in and i would be treated the same as anybody else.

Thats the first stage out the way anyway so will get the head down to study for the BARB.

You shouldnt have a problem with the BARB just relax and read the question properly, also speed counts.
I cant remember the exact score you need but above 60 will open all jobs.

Good luck and keep us posted!
Hi all,

Just home from the BARB test - got 66 which has opened up 87 jobs. Have to go back on Friday to sit basic Maths and English tests and to give the three jobs i want to apply for. The recruiting Sergeant put my Chemistry/Computing through as a GCSE 3 for Science as he said my other exams more than cover this so basically can choose almost everything. He also said i have to pick 3 different capbadges - is this 3 different regiments?

Royal Engineer Electrician has 0 vacancies this period and 0 vacancies next period with the next vacancies expected 06/09/2009!! Not sure i want to sit it out for that long so going to have to have a think about it over the next few days.

Anyone have a idea what the questions on the basic Maths and English tests are like? Just so i can be prepared!

Northern Monkey i noticed you passed - well done! - pity about the electrician choice but C&J is a good trade anyway!

I would be really suprised if there are no vacancies until September. ME Electrician is a very popular choice at the moment so if you want to start earlier maybe look at a different trade. within the Corps.

From the sounds of it the recruiting Sgt needs to fill a few vacancies in other capbadges so is trying to make you take your second choice; stick to your guns about your capbadge!
the maths and english tests are urine easy! there like whats 20p add 40p n stupid shit like that, i got all of them correct and im no maths genius trust me! the english is slightly harder like youve got to spot spelling mistakes and simple things like that, they will get explained to u wen u got down on friday wouldnt worry about it at all if u got 66 on ur BARB i got 63,

they where going to shade my grade D in english to oget RE electrician glad they didnt now having to waite that long, they said i could change it to air con/refrigeration fitter and theyd shade me as they need them, happy days just waitin for a date to go selection can't waite!
Cheers for that,

Yeah was a bit unsure about the three capbadges because i did have my mind set on RE but will check out all the choices.

Glad the basic skills is not too difficult as well - they have sent my medical off to the docs and i have to get an eye test done as i wear contacts/glasses.

Hopefully things will move quick enough but i know thats probably not likely!
Today my Careers Instructor rang me up to tell me I got in as Communication Systems Engineer despite only having the D in science. Because I have a GNVQ in ICT it seemed to be able to override the D in Science!
I was going to start my own thread regarding Shading references, but seeing as it's been mentioned here i'll jump in with a question of my own.

I want to join REME, as an electronics technician, but I only got a D in Science gcse. I've got a C in Maths and English and got a 72 on my BARB test, buy you need a C in Science as well for that job. I've also got an A-LEVEL in IT - grade C.

My recruiter is going to try and get me a shading reference, and I was just wondering what my chances are. Obviously it depends on the individual, cap badge and demand for the job in question, but I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how often people are given shading references. Is it only if there's huge demand for the job or is it more often than not they'll give you one if you're not far off the qualifications needed?

I know it all depends on the situation, but if anyone could give me any extra info it would be much appreciated. Cheers
parabol said:
Today my Careers Instructor rang me up to tell me I got in as Communication Systems Engineer despite only having the D in science. Because I have a GNVQ in ICT it seemed to be able to override the D in Science!
When you going to P1. You already passed your selection I take it. I'm looking to join as a Comms System Engineer. Just waiting for an ADSC date.

When i went in today my recruiter mentioned that i did not have the GCSE C in Science (basically equivalent to Scottish Standard Grade 3) but said that my other qualifications should be enough to cover it and as i mentioned above i got 66 and i can apply for the trade jobs i am interested in with the RE. I would imagine you should be able to get the shaded reference - Did you not have Electronics Technician on your list of jobs?
MadetoPlay said:
When you going to P1. You already passed your selection I take it. I'm looking to join as a Comms System Engineer. Just waiting for an ADSC date.
Nahh, a while away from that still unfortunately. I've got a bit of a faff sorting out my medical bits n bobs. You see, I'm re-enlisting to the Military and all my medical records and stuff are all over the place.

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