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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. I've routinely ignored these in the past but I've become aware that regulars in my corps are being sold NVQ 2 for their Cpl CLM (RSigs Det comd). Normally the TA course is a lot shorter and so more difficult to map quals accross but in Sigs the regular course is shorter, so in theory we can offer the same qual.

    I've not looked into it in much depth but would TA Sigs Cpls be interested in gaining a NVQ 2 (or GCSE C or above qual)? Not sure about the Sgts course although its nearly the same length and a regular could gain NVQ3 (A Level) from completing the course.

    Would TA soldiers want these quals? or aren't you bothered
  2. I hate to sound snobbish about it but the old joke about 'Not Very Qualified' seems to be generally accepted.

    I somewhat foolishly took a GNVQ (Generally Not Very Qualified) rather than A Levels when I was 16 and it was of very little help to me at all.

    For those people that hunt qualifications for the sake of it then its fine, but as for any 'real world' use I have my doubts.

    Don't think of me as a bah humbug type - I really like the idea of vocational qualifications but they just don't seem to have hit the spot in the UK.
  3. sort of what I was thinking, maybe something for the lesser qualified?

    I keep hearing ECDL mentioned and I think those that would take it up would be those that have no need for it but proper learning credits might be useful.
  4. I for one would like to see NVQs awarded for TA courses. Not everyone in the TA has a dgree and an opertunity to get qualifications through the TA would be an incentive to recruitment and retention.

    I remember passing a course and got my specialist badge up above my tapes. The regs got an NVQ but the TA were told they didn't qualify for obscure and petty reasons that sounded like "its coz your TA."

    The thing is I did an attachment and guess what? I was just as good if not better than my regular counterparts, so much so that the platoon commander and 2I/C preferred me over their own for certain jobs on ops. But despite that when I left (TA) all I had was the memory of passing a course - but the regs had a qualification that could be added to their CVs and in this case could bypass the entrance exam for a certain large well known company.

    So yes - give NVQs to the TA as well - even if it means a few additional weekends training or clasroom work to make the Regs less resentful. We need to encourage people to join and stay in the TA and this would be a good incentive for many, not to mention giving serving TA members a feeling of equality that is sorely needed.
  5. I think all Cpl courses can lead to NVQ2 in management, with Sgts and WO leading to levels 3 and 4 respectedly. The time frames mentioned in my source seem acheievable within TA course timeframes, although it does mention some extra work may be required to fully achieve NVQ.

    Plus really you need to have people trained in as NVQ Assesors (D22/32?)

    Keep the ideas coming, I'll try and put them forward latter on this month if I can.
  6. I don't agree, ECDL should be part of what we offer to our TA soldiers, it would aid retention and even recruiting too.
  7. But I don't want to waste peoples time, in my unit their is definatley a few who should complete ECDL before they attempted class 3 ICS but a considerable portion don't. If the money was available I prefer to send them in Windows Admin courses instead of ECDL or allow them to self study for MCPs with the army paying for course material and the exams.

    Education is something the TA is very weak at, from the guys/girls I know, many are keen to study subjects that would benefit the unit and help them get a better job.
  8. Polar

    A few justifyable pointss from all, here

    i totally agree with the Daddy the TA should be offering NVQs it is a retention tool & for one will try to get all the qualifications i can to better myself & it gives the employer something to see in the CV you hand him

    but i do agrre that the TA is rubbish at education the only time i have been offered NVQ at TA is at waterbeach Specialist training team & it cost me a packet

    My advise on it get the guys invlolved & getthe courses you might not think its important but i did NVQ in business admin follwed by a first line management curse which got me the job i am in now.which to add that to it gets me payed more than a regular Major ( as the OM found Out). so any help to get me that is gratefully appreciated.
  9. and if the TA can get NVQs then maybe employers will look upon them with a better light - afterall THEY get a better qualified person and THEY didn't have to pay for it!

    (I know that TA personnel are highly qualified due to courses and have experience in man management far and above most civvies but it needs to be confirmed - on paper!)
  10. Courses such as ECDL are available at the Defence Learning Centres (Think thats what they're called) in most major garrisons. They run a large variety of IT courses, many of which are nationally recognised.

    The down side is they run 9 - 5 Mon - Fri and you'll require MTDs or Cat C from your unit to attend. You'll also have to arrange travel or accdn if not close to one.
  11. I've mentioned this to my unit, part of it is next to a DELC but I'm not aware of anyone doing a course there.

    They can also been done online, but the DELC I spoke to said they wouldn't issue a completion certificate unless you attended in person (Mon-Fri)
  12. Polar we have had this conversation, i dont mind doing the course if i have to but they need to be done over weekends cause at present next year i have 25 days holiday from work, & 29 days i need next year for the TA alone so it aint going to happen & until the army sees this then they are going to struggle

    i physically cant get any more time so something is gonna give
  13. Don't I know that...

    Guess what I'm trying to achieve is getting Signals soldiers more IT literate, good enough so they can support modern IT systems (this is roughly what regular RS Ops will be taught)

    First problem is time, their is no way I can put this sort of training into the current training programme, (we are struggling to include trade training as it is)

    Secondly the IT/IS skill set within a sqn is so varied, some need to start at the begining and others could start at a higher level.

    Putting that together leaves distance learning as the most sensible solution (but some soldiers will need face to face tuition in order they undertake online courses). But how do you renumerate soldiers for this type of study and prove they have undertaken training correctly?

    One solution I did hear was they would be given MTDs for a successful pass of an exam
  14. Guess my ideal solution would be using the online courses, backed up with course books, soldiers would be working towards proper exams which would be paid for by the army.
    They would recieve no financial incentive other than they were gaining a qualification which improves their CV. They would study at the appropiate level for their current skill set, so they wouldn't end up with a mickey mouse qualification in the end.
    It would be a big incentive for IT/IS people to join the TA RSigs, if they do so then its only fair after taking their civilian skills the Army puts something back.
  15. msr

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