qualifications - what must i do?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Proper_Gander, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. hello there!

    i'm an english/welsh bloke raised in switzerland and like the idea of joining the british army (after the EC that is! i live in Basel! HUZZAH), Royal Engineers to be precise (sorry if it's the wrong forum). now, all my qualifications are swiss, basically i went straight into an apprenticeship as a draughtsman after public school with 17 and completed it august 06. (would love to learn a new trade or a couple, of course. the more qualifications and licenses the better)

    i reckon i have my head screwed on the right way to take on officer training. but do i have to get my A levels first or something?

    i'm fairly bright but sightly impatient and would prefer to get going as soon as i finished travelling and saw my mates in Basel during the EC.

    any idea lads?
  2. WTF!!!!
  3. I suggest if in the UK, pop into your local friendly recruting office; if outside, write and ask the British Embassy for advice (as the request will probably be answered by the Defence Attache, assuming there is one).
  4. cheers mate
  5. I reckon you'd have to ask the ACIO or write as suggested, but if any of your existing qualifications were A-level equivalent you might be alright. Presumably when you left school you were GCSE equivalent?

    If not it would be nose in books time!

    Oh and what is EC? Some sort of holiday?
  6. yes, pretty sure

    better, the European Cup....just a pity engerland will play shitty football (if they even qualify that is) and get kicked out after a penalty shoot out against a team... nevermind, i won't even start
  7. There is an officer recruitment cell at Upavon which can "translate" your qualifications.

    Why not write to

    Officer Recruitment
    Trenchard Lines
    SN9 6BE
  8. You arn't one of those 'neutrals' are you?