Qualifications to run Range

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by adampoo, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    heard a dit from my boss that aswell as being RMQ qualified you also now need to be skill at arms trained to run a "normal" firing range. Can anybody shed a little light on this please?

  2. I recently ran a range as RMQ, no one said I needed a skill at arms.
  3. We used to run up and down the range quite regularly. I don't recall having a qualification to do so?
  4. You dont need to be a skilly to run the range but you do need to be one to do WHTs.
  5. Your boss obviously doesn't cast much of an eye over Pam 21 does he?

    The answer is NO.
  6. Sweet, he said there were changes brought in October 1st this year.

  7. One definate requirement for running a range is to not wake the armourer from inside his wagon to "fix" a rifle that somebody has stuck the sodding trigger guard on wrong.
  8. The changes he must have meant are if you intend to go on a RMQ 1-3 course you now have to be SAA qualed first.

    No idea how it will work for officers, but hey ask the SASC.

    And as previously said the RMQ qual and CMCQ qual no longer qual you to take WHT's, only Skillys can.
  9. How is that going to work historicaly? those that have been running ranges now cant?

    Guess I need to chase down a copy of the new Pam21!
  10. At one time I ran Ash Ranges and Stamford in the SAME year 8O ,but then again so did hundreds of other's :lol:
  11. Is the beginning of the SAA course not the RMQ 1-3 anyway?
  12. Yeah I think thats what he was getting at. Do you know where all this is stated?

  13. you dude dependes on what range your are looking at runing, a rmq can run run most ranges as a rco how ever a skill at arms inst would be the better qual to have.
    if you need any more info then get back to me
  14. Actionman-is your range qual one of stating the bleeding obvious?

    How long has it been the case that only an SAA can do WHT? Certainly as long as I've been RMQ
  15. As an RMQ you can run most ranges.

    If they are going to change the rules as stated above, its very strange, I don't see the logic behind it.