Qualifications required for Armourer

Discussion in 'REME' started by Point & Shoot, Jan 5, 2011.

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  1. On the Army Jobs website it says that I need:

    'D in Mathematics, Double Science and English Language'

    I've currently got a C in maths and an A in English Language and an A in English Literature.

    I don't have a science grade yet but it's not my strong point. If I fail to get a D, is there no chance of me getting the job?

    The requirements on the British Army website (not Army Jobs) says that there's another option:

    GCSE: Grade D in English language, mathematics and a science.
    First or National Certificate in Engineering, City and Guilds Level 1 in Basic Engineering Competence or partial completion of Level 2 modules.

    I'm currently in my second year of a National Diploma in Engineering (level 2). Is this enough to be qualified to get the job or is the information on the Army website outdated? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Must like guns of all sizes,and things that go bang!
  3. Must enjoy massing a collection of random/extreme porn.....
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  4. Do you like donkey and dwarf porn? If not - no chance

    Phone your ACIO - Good luck!
  5. I am an uneducated regarded as a useless ****. I can handle a file.
    You have armourer potential
  6. My maths grade has just gone up from a D to a C, so I think I should get a D in science.
  7. I found out the other day that I had a C all along in double science so I've got the qualifications for the job, it just depends on how I do at selection and my BARB test.

    Now that I've got a C in maths and a C in science it also lets me apply for ammo tech. I know this is the REME forum so the views might be a bit bias but would anyone point out the benefits of either job, ammo tech & armourer? Thanks.
  8. Ammo tech as far as i've heard is basically an ammo storeman for years until you get some real responsibility.

    Whereas armourer, if your a big geek and a gun nut like me is fantastic. The amount of kit i've played with only 5 months into training is unreal.
  9. You must like the company of weapons as you'll be spending a lot of time with them by yourself at inspection time. I did about two years then popped smoke and went off to Sandhurst and Officer Trg so I may not be the best to take advice from!!
  10. Anyone know if there's much difference in pay between the two?
  11. Do armourers get to test fire weapons?
  12. Never, anyone that says otherwise lies.
  13. Yes, but depends where you are.
  14. And your wealth of knowledge comes from where?
  15. asking pretty much every armourer ive come across at seme.

    I'd be happy to be proven wrong.