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I was medically deferred from the Army back in October 2017 (Regular Soldier Entry). I have taken this time to complete an apprenticeship as well going to college and in progress to complete a HND.

Despite the numerous medical hurdles I can't get away from wanting to join the Army. With the Qualifications I now have:

Higher English
Higher Modern Studies
Diploma NVQ Digital Marketing
HND Television and Film

I was wondering if this is enough for Officer Entry.

I called Army requirement to ask about this as I don't have science or maths but the woman on the phone wasn't able to answer my question.

Any help/advice is appreciated.



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I'm not sure if a Higher national Diploma carries UCAS points as such so you may not meet the minimum. The no maths or science is a straight no though (but that's utilising Google-Fu) so I could be talking nonsense.

Persist with the recruitment number and see if you can get someone more switched on - which with Capita is a challange, I'll grant you.


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I found this - an applicant should -
hold 72 UCAS Tariff points. These points must come from a maximum of three subjects (four for Scottish Highers), with a minimum of two subjects being at National Level 3, not including AS levels or General Studies.

Hope this helps.
Why not pop into your local careers office and have a chat. Best of luck!

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