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Hi everyone.

Just finished my degree, and have been working up my fitness gradually over the last few months.

I think I'm about ready to apply, but one thing is really worrying me and I need to get it sorted out.

I have my BA (Hons.), and I have a HND/BTEC in place of A-Levels. I also have enough ALIS points via my GCSE's, but I only achieved a D in Maths.

When you consider my other academic achievements, it doesn't seem like such a big deal, but I'm worried that the requirements are completely set in stone?

Can someone please shed some light on this? Do I 100% NEED a C in Maths?



There's no simple answer to this given your other subsequent qualifications - the general answer is "yes you must have a C" but there are always exceptions, although some capbadges won't look at you without it. It also depends on what you degree is actually in, because that may affect how attractive a candidate you are. There's really only one person qualified to answer your question - the Army Careers Advisor (Officers), who you can contact through your local AFCO (although they don't actually work there) - or you can find there contact details online or in the phone book.



Be realistic, GCSE at any level is pretty basic isn't it. The requirement isn't just a box for ticking, at virtually any level some basic maths is necessary. Assume the worst and plan accordingly. Get yourself fixed up with a distance learning course sharpish, examinations IIR are in early January. If you could only manage a D when you were 16 then you will need some arithmetic sharpening.

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As a general rule, from what I've experienced, it's been "you haven't got this; you can't do that."
I know there are means of getting special considerations, and my problem was A Levels not a GCSE, so perhaps considering your further qualifications you can get special consideration.

It's also the case that once you're in the forces, special consideration can be taken at the discretion of your CO (I think), and you can be put through Sandhurst that way.
Thanks everyone for the replies.

It's not that I'm not good at Maths - I may not be the best at it, but I actually passed all the exams I sat. It was because I was 15/16, didn't think it mattered, and didn't put the effort in when it came down to the written coursework submission.

Regretting it now, obviously!

The trouble is I'm 23 already, and I can see it taking some time if I join as a soldier, and then wait to be recommended for Sandhurst.

Maybe I'll get down to the AFCO and see what they say. If all else fails, I suppose I could take a course (not sure I can afford it though - have you seen the prices?!).


Or get down to your local TA unit.

If your HND or degree had any maths element (but with a BA - seems unlikely) then it may counter the GCSE D. Best to ask what you can do, or if the subsequent educations helps or if there is a test you can sit, or if you need to get a GCSE or equivalent in maths.

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