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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Shaytan, May 10, 2007.

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  1. I have just completed my BARB test for Ammunition Technician and the Recruiter has told me I am not eligible. She now says I require an engineering qualification :twisted: , only there is no mention of this on the Army website. There also appeared to be some confusion among the recruiters. Can anyone clarify what is going on, is the entry criteria changing? :?

    If so, I will spend another year in the TA and go to college :oops: . Can you recommend a course - mechanical or electrical engineering?

    Thanks for your help,

  2. Bloody recruiters!

    She's talking out of her hoop reference Engineering exams - although if you don't cut the mustard in the tests..... :(
  3. That's the problem mate. I scored 67 on my BARB, high enough, and I have the GSCE's (well Scottish equivalent) but she will not process my application for AT any further :x . Her exact words were "Without an engineering qualification you are not eligible for this position. Have you considered the Intelligence Corps," So, I'm not even going to get to ADSC never mind ATCAB :twisted:

    Truth is I am 22 and don’t really fancy spending another year on Civvie Street but I only want to be an Ammo Tech. So, what should I do? Ask to speak to another recruiter? Print off the Job spec from the Army website and take it in? Or just stop winging and do a course?
  4. I've looked at the Job Brief for Ammo Tech and there is no mention of there being a need to have any 'engineering quals'.

    What GCSEs do you have? Do you have maths and Science GCSE?
  5. I passed my Barb last week and though I didn't get told my score (i didnt have my GCSE certificates with me) I was told that as long as I had the 5 C's I said I have (and I do) and even though I didn't have GCSE science at grade C I would most likley be able to get in off my barb results. I'm TA at the moment with 101 Engineers so maybe it's do with that fact that were EOD now? I'll update when I know more for certain.
  6. That's why I'm not amused; there even is confusion in the AFCO about the entry requirement. As far as I understood it all you needed was GCSE's at C in Science and Mathematics. I did Standard Grades (Scottish equivalent) and got a 2 and 1 respectively, so I meet that criteria. I was under the impression that suitability beyond that was judged by the BARB, TST and ATCAB. For some reason the recruiter is not willing to process my application any further... the bitch, sexy, but still a bitch!

    I'm just looking for a suitable course of action now...any ideas?
  7. What AFCO mate?
  8. Is that a Wah??
  9. I wish it was mate. 100% serious.
  10. Try putting AFCO into Google
  11. RAF :? AFCO - Armed Forces Careers Office. I was at AFCO Cambridge on Glisson Road.

    So, I stand by AFCO. There was no p1ss take intended, honest.

    Any ideas on what I should do?
  12. Ask to see the regs/rules where it says that you need an engineering qualification......

    Ask to speak to the Office Manager.

    Recruiter work on a quota system. If they need Int Corps and don't need AT's as much, then they will always try and get you into the Int Corps. They're all snakes with legs...
  13. Then again - they might be just putting you off because you're a complete Mong :)
  14. Cheers Bomb Doctor, I'll give that a crack.

    I probably should not have licked the windows on my way in, eh? :D :p :D
  15. Go to a different careers office - tell her beforehand that you are writing a complaint to your MP - nothing like shit stirring!! :D