qualifications, do we keep them?

Hopefully someone out there will know this.
I planning to join the T.A after leaving the regs 5 years ago.I served rec ser of 15 years and made sub sgt.I passed PSBC with distinction and hope to keep the quals if i join.Do i start all over again and have to do PNCO,SCBC and PSBC???


Rejoin from the regs after less than 6 years gap in service and you are not required to go through TA recruit training. Your unit can apply to have you come back in at a rank suitable to your experience, subject to the positions being available.

That said, more than 2 years and you lose any qualifications you previously held, for example range quals.

So, the CO may find a way to get you back as a Cpl or Sgt, but you will not be able to conduct ranges until you have refreshed your range quals.


You need to do the training about all the claims you can make and the minimum of training nights and exercises get you bounty...
Also unlearn anything useful you got in the regs.


TARE you must have been one of those rare mythical PSI beings, one that is really motivational and totally up to date in his skills and knowledge who realises that his sole role while serving with the TA is to instruct, inspire, coach, mentor, assist etc his TA soldiers..................

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