qualifications and joining?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Brig89, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. sorry if this has been asked before but i cant find anything on the search. i am wanting to join the royal sig as cse and my careers office say my qualifications are not good enough on the brief it say you need a to c in maths eng and ict or level 2?
  2. btw i have got level 2 in each C&G in maths and eng and E.C.D.L units 1 to 7 iv been told this would be fine but when i went to the afco they told me its not good enough? anyone know why?
  3. Im a fully qualified Chippy, done about 7 year of site work, But because of My GCSE'S i cannot Join the Engineers, Even tho they will Not have to even train me in My trade
  4. its stupid that mate sounds wrong to me, most people get bonuses for been qualified or so i thought?
  5. To be fair mate, Im fed up with My civvy Job, Really want to join the Infantry, Always wanted too
  6. im waiting to get back in me i want to go cse but iv been told to go cso then try retrade in phase 1.
  7. Im just wondering how you can say its stupid having minimum standards for a job???
    If it says C grades for a certain job then that is what you need to have, in some cases if a job is short of applicants the SPSO may look at shading applicants who have certain qualifications in a trade, but to be honest dont need to shade as enough people are coming through the doors with the correct GCSEs anyway.

    Regarding thinking your going to retrade once you get in, I very much doubt it, from April this year ALL new entrants will sign a JOB OFFER letter stating what job there going in as and signing to say they will not be allowed to change jobs.
  8. im not saying its stupid to have a good entry standard but the lads qualified to do the job. as for me i meet the entry standard stated on the brief, the minimum standard but still why set a minimum standard if they dont let people in that meet it?
  9. im just pissed off because it took 6 month of taking time off work to get what i have and its not worth the paper its printed on! Just a bit of a kick in the nuts, il have to do a job that i dont want to do. im done moaning now ha.
  10. QUALIFIED???

    So he does combat engineering in his civvy job, I doubt it???

    As said if hes got 7 years experience and the qualifications in NVQ/City and guilds ect then the SPSO may give him a shading. Same as you if you have the required qualifications then a SPSO may look at you...HOWEVER in majority of occassions shadings arent being looked at as there are enough applicants coming through the door who got the required GCSEs and not a possible mickey mouse basic skill equivalent that gives you a grading somewhere between an A and a D and took anywhere from a few weeks to 6 months to do.

    Look at any firm they will have minimum standards to look at and will only start looking at equivalent qualifications if no one are filling the posts.
  11. The_IRON, I totally agree with you, But like i said, i dont want to join the engineers, I would love to join the Infantry mainly being the Gaurds
  12. 8O 8O Learn how to spell GUARDS before saying you want to join them. :wink: