Qualification requirements


I was just wondering for the trades that require GCSE's at C level, does the army accept Key Skills qualifications at level 2 in instead?

I ask because I didn't do very well at GCSE maths, I only got a D but I did do several Key skills qualifications afterwards. Including Level 3 communication, Level 2 application of Number and Level 2 ICT.

Though I do have CC In science, C in english lit and B in english Lang.

My BTEC Level 3 diploma also contained some maths and I am currently at University and some of my modules in the degree are heavy in maths equations i.e Acoustics.

Thanks guys and gals
In most cases your Key skills wont be taken into account, however if you are currently doing a degree (did you get A levels??) then these can be taken into account by SPSOs of certain Corps when making there decisions. Best go in to the ACIO and speak to them with what grades you have and also the ones your taking at Uni.

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