Qualification Questions?

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone could give me some information relating to qualifications recognised by the Army.

I am thinking about applying for a commission in the Army with the aim of joining the Royal Engineers. I am currently a civil engineer working in the rail sector. I do not have a degree as I studied during my time with the company I now work for. I have a HND in Civil Engineering, if I were to be successful with my application does anyone know if I would be treated as a Graduate or not?

Any information would be helpful

You could take one 60 credit course with the Open University and they will award you a degree.

They will accredit your HND. You would get a BA/BSc (without Honours).

From memory, the forces not fussy about whether you have an honours degree.
Hi guys, not really on topic so sorry to the original poster but I've got my own question related to qualifying for Sandhurst. Basically, I don't have the required ALIS points but I have more than the required UCAS points. I'm heading to university and am looking to join the University Officers Training Corp. I went to my local recruiting centre and they said they very rarely deal with potential officers and so weren't able to give me a proper answer. The recruiter I talked to told me that if I were going to university then I should apply to become an officer. He said that if I were to do the Officers training corp at uni, I would qualify to be considered to go to Sandhurst after uni. I have heard a similar story from a friend of a friend who did the training corp. Any experience with this kind of situation would be much appreciated.
From memory, the forces not fussy about whether you have an honours degree.
You're correct, they don't need honours, a BA is fine.

Vercoe, I've never heard of the OTC qualifying you for Officer Selection above what you have already. I could be wrong on that, but I'm in OTC and I've not heard anything of the sort.

If you've achieved a place in Uni though, the Army will probably give you a decent chance, especially since you've turned yourself around academically since the GCSEs. Your best bet is to phone another, larger recruiting office and ask to speak to someone specifically about applying to be an Officer; they'll have the up-to-date information, we can only speculate. Another option, if you're only a few points off the mark, could be to see if your Uni offers any GCSEs in languages or something to make up points that you could do alongside your studies.

Good luck.
In general terms, having a degree "trumps" the requirement for ALIS points - although you still need to have the minimum of C at GCSE in English, Maths and either a science or a foreign language. The UOTC as such gives you no special rights to go to Sandhurst - you still have to be successful at AOSB to be considered. AFCOs specialise in recruiting soldiers, sailors and airmen rather than officers but you can ask them for the contact details of the Army Careers Advisor (Officers) responsible for your area. He or she is the expert on all the rules and regualtions and a quick chat with him or her will give you a definitive answer but the bottom line is that if you pass your degree you are eligible to become an officer.

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