Qualification for Territorial Decoration - LE Commission

Dear All,

I am trying to work out whether my father could retrospectively claim the TD. I have his TEM with one bar.

He joined the TA in 1961, and was commissioned from WO1 in 1988. I understand the TEM was issued after 12 years efficient service, which would be about 1973, with the first bar about 79. This leaves about 9 years of OR service prior to his commission.

He reluctantly left the TA in Sep 96 after some 35 years, having had two yearly extensions for age, having served as an officer for 8 years.

My question is whether his remaining OR service (no second bar issued)could be counted towards the TD? I have read the posts relating to this on the site and someone makes mention of OR service being counted at half rate, which would mean that he would appear to qualify.

If there is not enough service could he surrender the first bar?

Alternately, could he be eligible for the VRSM under the same criteria?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

His residual OR service would count as half which would make 4 1/2 years which added to his commissioned service takes him over the 12 year point. He would have had to have completed camps in 10 of those 12 years and been certified as efficient in each year - this may be harder to verify so long after the event.

If it could be verified by his old unit it is possible he could qualify for TD, in which case he would have to apply for the medal to the medal office himself. All the details can be found in TA Regs.

He would not qualify for VRSM as he would have to have been serving on the 1 Apr 1999 to qualify.
As he joined in 61 and commissioned (from ?) WO in 1988, surely he ought to have TEM and 2 bars (rosettes on ribbon) for 24 years - or was it more than 12 & 6 pre my time (1980) ?
I have his medal, and there is only one bar, also there is a formal photo of him in uniform in 1992 with only one rosette on his TEM ribbon. As he was self employed since 76 I know my father never failed to qualify for bounty every year. I don't know why there is no second bar/rosette.

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