Qualifcation days for the Afganistan Medal.

Can anyone tell me the qualifing time for the Op Herric Medal (Afganistan). I am serving here and i keep getting different answers from 28 days to up to 62 days. Can someone please enlighten me.
OSM Afghan requires 30 continuous days service in theatre. Unless you're an RMP chap (or chapess) working for the FCO doing CP stuff, in which case you get nothing.

62??? There really are some bullshi**ers out there.
It amazes me that it depend on who you ask to what answer you get. I got the info from an AGC Sgt. He said that the DCI hasn't come out yet for herric as it has just change for op fingal to op herric and quoted 62 days which didn't sound right to me. I don't know if he was thinking about random numbers or what! Cheers Calypso. can you tell me where to look so i can put the guy straight.
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