quaifications worthless?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kingcal91, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. i am currently trying to decide to join the Coldstream Guards or to go for a trade like REME Air Tech or something, but is it true that the qualifications you earn in a trade from the army are next to worthless on civvie street?
  2. Marching around a bit of tarmac is probably quite worthless but Air Tech experience may stand you in better stead.
  3. at the minute i am swayed towards the guards but this is probabley because of my two cousins being coldstreamers (one a L/Cpl) and the WO2 who i first spoke to in the careers office being a coldstreamer, plus the fact that it is what i REALLY WANT to do but my head (and my Dad) thinks i should get a trade under my belt
  4. Let's make one thing clear: although you might not need any qualifications to join the Guards, you will need GCSEs of the right subjects and grades to join the REME. If you have the potential and qualifications to join REME, it is in that direction that you will be steered by the ACIO, rather than towards the Guards. Horses for courses.

    The Guards can gain qualifications that transfer to civvie street but they are likely to be in the security and driving mould. Once you are in the Army, you can use the funds available to study whatever you want (within reason).

    The REME can gain qualifications that transfer to civvie street but they are likely to be trade related and more useful in the aviation or vehicle world, for example. I have heard complaints that even a fully qualified REME technician still needs to take more exams in order to qualify to work on civvie aircraft but the aviation world is notoriously picky anyway.

  5. Perhaps have a look here: http://www.army.mod.uk/6959.aspx

    Hope you don't mind me saying...Mil people are well valued. One thing you might consider will be your transferable skills (aside from those the military gives you). I was trained by civilians when in uniform and vocational standards are very much the same. Though "the world is picky" yes it is so you'll have to compete for places.

    You'll have a good grounding in all sorts of personal qualities in the mob,and you could have a look round for any future career courses you might be interested in. It's all up to you perhaps. :D
  6. i hvae 12 GCSEs ranging from an A* to C so having the qualifications for REME is not a problem, i suppose it is a choice between what i really want to do and what i really think i should do, i suppose i should go for what i really want to do.
  7. Trust me, you'll get bored of the grunt life. More so in the Guards. The novelty wears off quite quickly and once you grow up (not suggesting you aren't grown up), you'll realise that you need a bit more of a cerebral challenge. You appear to be fairly bright so why not utilise that now and go for the best job you can get? You may well think that you can transfer from the Gds later on but you'll find it quite difficult.

    Even though I work closely with Air Techs everyday and consider them to be a bunch of tossers, its probably one of the better jobs whilst you are in and offers you good potential when you do leave.

    On the flip side. If you dont really want to join the REME and decide to due to your scores, you may not be happy in that environment. It really is pretty much up to you but my advice would be to aim high.
  8. Joining the Guards will give you absolutly fcuk all in th way of transferable qualifications (apart from C + E) until you get to SNCO level.
    Civilian qualifications gained through the Army are pretty good. If they weren't the civilian qualification boards wouldn't let the Army issue them. I have got an HND through the Army. If it was that rubbish I don't think I would have got 5 modules of accreditation towards my degree and a Incorporate Membership of the Chartered Institute Of Building. The MSc awarded to Royal Engineer Professionally Qualified Engineers at the end of their course is recognised by the ICE, CIBSE etc and it used as the base qualification for their CEng. The Royal Engineers have also managed to organise a modular Masters degree fror Clerk of Works and Military Plant Foremen in addition to the foundation degree that they will get at the end. The work you do your education courses gets recognised by the CMI, ILM etc.
    So to put it mildly whoever told you that civilian qualifications awarded through the Army aren't worth sh1t is talking complete b0ll0cks.
  9. What he said.
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