Quads aching after sit ups: technique problem or normal?

Well the title is pretty much self explanitory. I find my quads tired after sit ups (feet under the sofa). Is this normal? My quads give out way before my abs do.


Don't put your feet under the sofa, it can give you back problems apparently, do them with your feet free.
I can't really think why your quads will be hurting.
I have the same thing - I put it down to using my legs to pull me up, rather than my abs!

I agree with Jabcrosshook - try doing them free - you'll probably go slower, but will be better for the ol' tummy in the long run.
The only reason to do situps is to pass PFAs and they are done with feet anchored so surely practising them that way is the way to do it?!?!

It is bad for the back though that way.
Bad for the back? Hmm I have actually noticed a back ache after doing alot. Problem with doing them without feet anchored is that I can only do about 12 in 2 minutes lol. Feet anchored I can (well last time I tried, 3 months back) do 76 in 2 mins.

I too, notice a huge difference in amounts between anchored and un-unchored.

Strnagely enough, a back ache sometimes as well, although id previously atribued it to other things.
The Armys' situp, feet anchored and arms folded across chest. The reason your quads hurt is because the second half of the sit up is using the quads! The first half of the sit up uses rectus abdominus (six pack ones) second half uses hip flexus/quads.

Take the pain! Pain in this case.....is weakness leaving the body!! Yeehaa.
I get the same pains. Something to do with forcing your feet to the floor when they naturally want to come up slightly. Try doing crunches, half sits and leg raises.
Lexx_valentine said:
Try doing crunches, half sits and leg raises.
Also leg raises - lie flat on ya back, legs straight, raise your feet 6" off floor. This is start pos. Raise feet a further 6 - 12", then back to start pos to complete 1 rep. Worse thing about these is they're boring, but when your done and stand up you'll feel it!

Also re sit ups, the fit - for - the - Army pages on the Army site suggest keeping your hands flat on the floor, next to your butt, and as you raise your chest and shoulders sliding your hands down the floor, toward ya knees, all the way throughout the movement keeping your palms on the floor.

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