Quad Bikes - Opinions and options

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by just_plain_dave, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. Are there any regular quad bikers who like a bit of off road - but may have road legal bikes so nothing to wet or deep? I Know of a civ set up that goes out on the plain, any others? :D
  2. Where on the Plain? Not much off roading there unless you're in a Chally.

    If you get a quad it's very important that you enter the Weston super mare beach race. It's chaos.
  3. I want to ride on the ground not carry most of the beach around with me!!!
  4. You've seen it then?

    It always amuses me when I see competitors using the bodies of 'fallen' riders for traction on the steep dunes.
  5. JPD

    Do you get permission to use the Plain or is it a case of riding fast and stopping for no-one?

    I know from being an enduro/green lane rider that the BOATs and Green lanes around the SE of England are becoming harder to use due to the new legislation. Also in Germany we were stopped using Stapel and STC at weekends.

    Shame, as they are quality areas.

  6. I've been many times, as its only an hour away. A couple of mates have taken part, but using scramblers.

    Its totally bonkers, and a good laugh.

    With all this H&S crap going around, how the hell does it get passed? Or has it been banned already? Havent been for a few years.

    Mind you I still go an watch cheese rolling every year!
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Gosh. The hours must fly by?

    You lot should get yourselves up to Gods Own Country and scramble about the hardstone quarrys. Get up to 50mph on a compacted road then find it ends in a 100ft drop because they've blown out the rock since the last time you were there.

    Then cut your way out of the wire fence and buzz off over the pristine moors.

    Hurry. You have untill around 12 August. When the whole plot changes.
  8. Anything from the main dealers is pretty reliable, Do not buy a cheap import from China.
    I am a big Yamaha fan. The raptor is great fun for off roading or for pure madness go for a YFZ450

    KTM also do a nice range now.

    Just incase you missed it "DO NOT BUY CHINK"
  9. I recently did a HERRICK Quad Bike course at Fremington and it was brilliant. One of the best courses i have done in my 19 odd years! Used the Yamaha Grizzlys both mil and civvy. Bit of NVG driving as well. But best bits were at Braunton Burrows, racing JACKALS and going 50mph odd through the sea surf on the beach. We all said lucky the course finished when it did as we were getting a bit too confident towards the end and it would only be a matter of time!!!
    Trailer on the back......what trailer....Yaahaa! :twisted:
  10. They're not bikes. Bikes have two wheels. Quads are just little clown cars with no steering wheel.

    Now you know.
  11. Honda's probably the best built/most reliable of all quads , Yamaha Banshee the most fun I've ever had on a quad , long in the tooth now but they will become a classic , buy while you can.
    As said avoid ANY chinky bikes.
  12. Must admit, Quads have never really ticked my clock...

    But I was sorely tempted by a Spyder trike I was ogling last year....albeit only temporarily :D
  13. Well thanks guys !! NOT lots of comment from all but no info.

    Administrator you may as well bin this thread!!!!!!!!!11 :(
  14. Depending on your location, you might want to try Enduroland or if you fancy something a bit more challenging then book yourself in for the natterjack enduro at longmoor (www.team-reme.com for entry forms).
  15. What about a quadzilla

    I was looking at getting a quad for running around in (decent mpg and I don't need to be re taught how to drive it as it's on a driving license).

    The 400cc quads get up to 85 mpg, not bad on the road and at 45 mph they get 70 mpg, about twice that of my car.