Quad Bike Question?

Do you by law have to ride a quad bike on the road with a helmet on?
Just seen a local nutter speed down the road with one of those new chav helmets on, a hoodie!
Could said chav be nicked for not wearing one or just given words of wisdom by the local constabulary?
Do not know if the rules are the same in UK but here quad-bikes require "type approval" if they are to be used on the public highway. Most quad bikes cannot be used on the road because they don’t meet road safety standards. Some quad bikes are tested and ‘type approved’ in a similar way to motorbikes. If that is the case the quad-bike would require third-party insurance and a matriculation plate. As for the helmet, although recommended they are not compulsory.

Would expect your local constabulary to hurl the book at him for numerous offences: no insurance, no matriculation plates, no IVT and anything else they can think of at the time.

Scratch one quad-bike -my gendarmes have the divine right to confiscate and crush anything that does not comply!!

Just remembered: driving without or not in accordance with licence!!


As one Chav discovered in Cardiff a few years back, you can't outrun a train with a quad-bike.
No legal requirement to wear a helmet on a quad as it's classed as a four wheeled vehicle due to there being a round thing on each corner. However common sense dictates otherwise.
As per Emsav. Plates, insurance and licence required for road use. Don't know about the tyres but it sounds sensible.

Call coppers or buy some long piano wire.
Quads can be fitted with road legal kits such as indicators and E marked headlights etc , there is also a limit on power output, they don't need an MOT and if registered as an Agricultural vehicle are road tax exempt , they do all without exception need valid insurance if used on the highway , and damn sure your hoodie wearing chav didn't have that.
The question is will or would the police bother ? unless you happen to be Nicholas Soames and an MP then very unlikely .
Area's in and around Brighton have big problems with youths riding quads and MX bikes around estates yet the police do very little about it despite most of the vehicles in question being stolen .
As for rural areas where quad theft from farms and stables is rife then about all you get is a crime number and a visit from the same pikeys a few months later to try and nick the replacment.


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Motorcycle ( for which crash helmet compulsory) Mechanically propelled vehicle, having two wheels...................

Quad bike; as above but with four wheels. Makes it a car, ergo no helmet required. I had one at Bassingbourn. 750 Kawasaki. Road legal in every respect. Local rules, ie those thought up by CO tried to insist that a suitable helmet ( one that was certified for use on a motorcycle) be worn, along with sundry items of protective clothing. Legal arguments ensued ( not instigated by me, I didn't care whether I wore the stuff or not) and position clarified. No helmet required, ergo no offence committed by your chav.
Whether helmets are sensible or not depends on where you're riding and how - pootling about level fields and up and down the lane, only a H&S freak would wear one. Roaring down larger roads or up and down steep slopes, good idea.

Joshua Slocum

I am all for these organ donors riding without a skid lid
Darwins Theory is Proved every time
few years back I was riding my motorcycle and a chav came flying up the inside of the stationary traffic ( illegal except on a pedal cycle) then clipped me and rode through the red lights he had a helmet on but the strap was hanging down
pissed me off proper good
as I went past him I moved in real close and reached out and flipped his lid off his head and it bounced away across the road
little twat !
Whether helmets are sensible or not depends on where you're riding and how - pootling about level fields and up and down the lane, only a H&S freak would wear one. Roaring down larger roads or up and down steep slopes, good idea.
Don't you believe it. You come off a motorbike or a quad at any speed and end up on your back, then your head is gonna make contact with terra very firma. You might be lucky and just hit a patch of gooey mud with your noggin, but its not worth risking things.
Last year I came off on sand, but some how something hard hit my helmet hard above my right ear and knocked a lump from my helmet shell.

You take your chance, as that lovely Mr Darwin said.
is there really such a thing as a quad-bike..it would need to have eight wheels like one of them big arsed soviets trucks

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