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Hi just needed some advice if theres any out there, i got kicked out of my family home a few weeks ago and have been staying with a friend who is quite heavily into smoking scunk i haven't touched the stuff but have been in a closed room when he has. i have got my medical at pirbright on tuesday does any1 know if i'll have it in my system & will i have a blood test for a drugs test. any info id be most glad to recieve cheers
you dont get drug tested during your adsc selection

im not sure if sitting in an enclosed room whilst he is smoking drugs is one of your smartest ideas, could you not sit in another room or ask him if he wouldnt mind sitting outside?

you get drug tested after your long weekend in phase 1 so make no mistake if you have drugs in your system you will get chucked out, then you have compulsary drug tests (CDT's) which are completely random for the rest of your career.'

just simply isnt worth it
Yea, your not tested for drugs at ADSC as Jez has said.
Also to let you know, someone i know has just been kicked out after the first 4/5 days because they were drug tested unexpectedly and failed.
You don't have Foot & Mouth, do you?
Beining in the same room doesnt count on the CDT its not that sensitive which is why its not a excuse.
Tests have shown that the only way you could possibly test positive on CDT for cannabis through passive smoking is if you spent extended periods in a car with 4 people who were continuously smoking it. If this is your excuse your application for the armed forces would be looked at VERY closely as your social habits and acquaintences (?sp) are a bit suspect.
thanks for that big mac haven't seen mates for ages and needed somewhere to live but don't want it to wreck my chances of army so i'll reconsider i have gone to my nans because of it.

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