QT 2245 BBC1 Georgeous George

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Camberwell_Carrot_, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. Crap show these last, oooh 20 years at least.

    George Galloway vs Maria Miller (Con, Basingstoke, Con (Sic), touchy about her expenses), Mary Creagh (Lab, Wakey, innocuous journeywoman politician), Susan Kramer (Ex-LD, Ex Banker), Fraser Nelson (High-Flown Journo, Con Fan (Thatch/Trad). Might be a laugh.

    My Guesses:

    Horsey Horsey
    EU Referendum
    Bloody Sunday Money
    Camden's Cleansing of HB Claimants
    Hague and the Torturers
    Something for Valentine's
  2. Ha ha! But you failed to predict "three cheeks of the one backside"! The gentleman is in outstanding form.
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  3. "Well put the criminals in jail then, and not in the House of Lords"! Class.

    I missed working in the Pound Shop, too. Tsk.
  4. Nelson is a raving lunatic.
    And a disgrace to Scotland!
    You lot can keep him!

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    I'm sorry but, if we apply those standards, England will be even more awash with Sweaties than it currently is.
  6. He is a bit effete, but we'll take him. Cheers. Ah, the part-ex. Here's Jacqui Smith. Keep an eye on the ******* till Jock.
  7. No no its ok you can keep her along with the post or pre op lib dem that was on the panel! Although both probably do a fine line in films!
    Oh and Cathy Jamieson, you can keep her if you've heard of her?!
  8. Does she eat horse? I think we've exceeded our quota for tubby blondes this quarter. Sorry mate. Shame; I'm quite partial myself to a big arse and a blonde bob once in a while. ******* Eurocrats.
  9. She is a horse! So you have encountered the standard issue west central Scotland labour MP?!
  10. Ah but, Three cheeks of the same arse.... The man was on fine form tonight. A twat but sometimes he comes out with gems you just can't help agreeing with.
  11. Neigh. Sister-in-Law's got a Westie though. Similar build, it appears.
  12. I love George, he so like Prescott. Start from a position of fiery shouting and keep turning it up a notch until you look like you're going to explode.
  13. He's much more "loveable" than Prescott and has a good line in patter. Just like Prescott, he is a weapons grade cnut though.
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  14. Bob on my horse anytime.. ;)