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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by clarkie_89, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. i saw a short programme on the internet once, which i cant find anymore about the selection and training of SAS soldiers. the final part of the training was the escape and evasion part.
    i cant remember whether or not they fail the recruits if they are caught during E&E, or if they are taken in for interrogation for the remainder of the week? could anyone shed some light on this?
    i understand though, that if you make it to the end without being caught, you are interrogated anyway.
    does anyone know where i can find such a video on the internet?

    last one. was just wondering if they allow tattoos of capbadges in the SAS?

  2. IIRC (and no, I am not one of "them"), you fail if you crack under the interrogation. Even by saying "shut up" to an interrogator could fail you...name, rank and number only.

    Forgot what the name of the book was...but I know this came up. (Author failed on interrogation part - but he passed a second time round).

    Dont know whether this helps..

  3. Are you planning on getting your SAS tattoo done before you join, so that you're extra motivated on selection?

    As to the video, I've no idea, try a video search for SAS on Yahoo, or Youtube.
  4. why would you have a capbadge tattooed to you anyway?
  5. Like the idea of having a tattoo. On E&E your best bet is to run like buggery to a phone box then ring a mate to pick you up and then hide for a month at his place. They'll be dead impressed when you walk in to Credden Hill having not been captured. If I were you I'd shout "you w*nkers" as they run towards you.
  6. You are Mike Golden and I claim my £10. :D
  7. no way im not i thinking that far ahead! im off to catterick next month for phase 1. im joining the paras and yeah i would'nt mind getting wings tattooed on me. but i was just wondering if you would'nt be allowed to go on a course such as SAS selection if you had a tattoo like that?

    with regards to my other question. say for example you were caught just two hours into E&E, is that you binned off the course or are you brought back for interrogation for the remainding 6 days 22 hours?
  8. Edited for double posting mongness........ :oops:
  9. I think it's a little early to be thinking about selection mate, in fact worry about BASIC selection.

    Then P Coy....

    Then Mortars Pl...
  10. you really are a space cadet, I'd worry about passing basic training and P-Coy if I were you rather than fantasing about the SAS, I take it that you are a vegetable who has already got a Para Regt cap badge tattooed to your 'probably wont pass p-coy' body?

    cunexttuesday you win.
  11. have it one inch above your left eye, and you don't need to wear a beret
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  12. WTF 8O
  13. Ok, I'll go with this for a while to humour you.

    1. Concentrate on your basic training and pass that before worrying about selection which is years down the road yet, assuming you get through training, and just as importantly can hack the battalion.

    2. If eventually one day you find yourself at the end of selection and on the RtoI phase - don't flap. You will get caught, you will be released to suffer some more, you will be caught again at a time and place chosen many moons ago just like everyone else has been, and you will go through the same fun time as your predecessors. You have no choice in any part of it except the bit where you say the wrong thing. Do that and you will have a problem. Simple.

    Top tip - ICATQ.

    Good luck on phase 1.

    PS: You don't 'fail' the R2I bit as it's not that simple, but 'they' might not take kindly to someone who sings like a bird and cries during questioning....apparently.
  14. Not quite the DS answer. Ask your colleagues if you are in the military what the Big 4 is.
  15. Big 6 now.