Qs on IRC, 9yr resettlement grant and PVR....


Posted this on the officers forum - but there seems to be more interest in types of fablon and polish than any real advice - anyway...

Not a discussion I really want to have with my APC desk or my C of C at the moment - keeping my cards close to my chest etc -

1 - To confirm - once IRC accepted (as in my case) is it 12 months notice prior to leaving? Is this flexible, or very much set in stone?

2 - Once said notice is given - does this affect your 9 yr point (Pension scheme 75) - resettlement grant - ie does one have to wait till you are past the 9 year point prior to signing off - or will you still recieve the lump sum if the 9 year point arrives after you have signed off, ie in your remaining year

3 - Are you liable for Op tours during this final year - or is just final 6 months.

4 - any info on other potential issues for those on an IRC about to leave much appreciated

5 - final one - if on an IRC does one still recieve the resettlement grant if you leave before the end of the commission term, ie at 9 yr point as opposed to 16yrs or equiv.?


FB...not sure on all the answers, am sure someone will fill in the gaps:

1. I believe you can be forced to serve 12 months. You can apply to reduce to 7 months, but Glasgow are not remitted to agree.

2. Pretty sure you get the grant providing you serve the 9 years...not 100% sure.

3. You can go on ops providing you have 6 months residual service when you return. So if your last day in the Army was 1 Oct 10, you could go on ops now, but would need to return by 1 Apr 10. This date is negotiable, and if you agree to do less than 6 months, you could.

5. You receive the Resettlement Grant if you leave at any point when you will not be entitled to an immediate pension.

Like I said, stand by to be corrected if not totally correct.
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