Qs on IRC, 9 yr resettlement grant and PVR

Discussion in 'Officers' started by flapback, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Gents

    Not a discussion I really want to have with my APC desk or my C of C at the moment - keeping my cards close to my chest etc -

    1 - To confirm - once IRC accepted (as in my case) is it 12 months notice prior to leaving? Is this flexible, or very much set in stone?

    2 - Once said notice is given - does this affect your 9 yr point (Pension scheme 75) - resettlement grant - ie does one have to wait till you are past the 9 year point prior to signing off - or will you still recieve the lump sum if the 9 year point arrives after you have signed off, ie in your remaining year

    3 - Are you liable for Op tours during this final year - or is just final 6 months.

    4 - any info on other potential issues for those on an IRC about to leave much appreciated

    5 - final one - if on an IRC does one still recieve the resettlement grant if you leave before the end of the commission term, ie 16yrs or equiv.?


  2. Some answers to your questions:

    1. Notice period depends on whether you are on LTOS or ATOS. If you joined after 2000 you'll be on LTOS so 12 months notice required. If on ATOS it is 7 months.

    2. There is flexibility, particularly with captains (outside pinch points) at the minute. There are too many of them and the Army is keen to reduce manning costs where possible. With Glasgow's consent you can be out in a month.

    3. Rettlement funding (I assume that is what you mean by your 9 year lump sum) is lenth of service dependent, nothing to do with your pension terms. Speak to your local AEC.

    4. You are liable for op tours up until your last 6 months.
  3. Leave! It's great! I've never been happier. I left after 7 years when my SSC expired. Loads of jobs out there, loads of money, good luck!
  4. thanks for pointers WG... certainly not an over abundance of Senior Capts and Juinor Majors in my corps however! I would suggest that this rank level is a real pinch point for the Armed forces... Part of the problem, the economic downturn is simply masking problems that will reappear in 2-3 yrs.
  5. Flapjack, put this in RHQ and we might look at it for you.

    There's a good lass.
  6. Its already in there snail.... bottom of page two at the moment....