QRs and Smoking

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by BLOODY_TIPRAT, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Now, I'm after a bit of digging around QR's with regards to the discipline/traditions of smoking whilst wearing of Berets.

    When I joined up I had it drummed into me that it is disrespectful to smoke whilst wearing the queens cap badge and was a big no no, good old press ups........

    Working in the weird and wonderful area of NATO I have been questioned about this and asked to find in Queen Regs where it states that head dress is to be removed whilst smoking.

    Is it in the regs or is just an old tradition?

    Many thanks for your help.

  2. i think you'll find its a nothing more than a fine military tradition...similarly, there is no reference to having your hands in pockets!
  3. Its something quite practical, whilst in 2 AES we used to remove our berets when smoking so we could use them as ashtrays.
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Its so you don't get mistaken for a septic, or a pin-up boy for Soldier of Fortune magazine.

    Ray-Ban Aviators are needed to complete the image if you decide to go there :wink:
  5. I got this drummed into me too, only to come a cropper when I was at HMS drake and got b0llocked by some PO for not having my hat on, so I don't think it will be QR's otherwise all three services would be the same, or would they not? Oh I dunno am just sharing my experience. Hope it sheds some light.
  6. I was told very early on also that if you're going to smoke, the beret comes off. The actual phrase used was along the lines of: "See my right hand? In two seconds it's going to knock one of those items decorating your head clean off, so which is it to be? Beret or cigarette?"

    Smoking? Beret off.
  7. hmm saluting with a lit ciggy may have something to do with it lol
  8. Nowadays, following your banishment to the great outdoors, surely your beret is required to keep your swede warm? :D
  9. Even in the Crabs it berets off while you have a tab, but it's been said before the navy are just strange!
  10. AGAIs Vol 2, Chap 59:

    h. Individuals are permitted to smoke and eat whilst wearing uniform in public only in the following circumstances:

    (1) Individuals must comply with local civil laws which governsmokingin public, including the regional regulations introduced in 2007 governing smoking in public places.

    (2) Individuals must remove their head-dress if they wish to smoke whilst wearing uniform in public. Individuals are to continue to pay and receive compliments correctly; there is no need to replace head-dress to do so, however head-dress must be replaced as soon as the individual has finishedsmoking.

    (3) Individuals must smoke and eat in a discreet manner and are to remain static in one location e.g. in a designatedsmokingarea and not whilst walking around a town centre.
  11. Disrespectful to whom?
  12. Does this mean you can salute without your beret on - provided you are smoking at he same time (presumably cig in left rather than right hand)??
  13. No ... it means you get your heels together, brace up and pay the compliment without saluting ...

    ... I bit there didn't I?
  14. That is why you get a non smoker to stand beside all the smokers he does the saluting :p
  15. It used to be the case that one could smoke a pipe and salute whilst doing so. As a young subby I sported an array of fine hand-made briars and strutted around barracks thus equipped.

    (Typing this has just given me a 'de-ja vu' moment - I think we've discussed this before.....)