Discussion in 'RAC' started by lead_farmer, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Im looking at transfering to the QRL ... Im a class one royal signals operator, advanced bowman trained, worked the training wing circuit for the last year and cant face been stuck in a job I dont like anymore.
    Been looking at a few regiments and I keep coming back to the QRL. I'm physical fit, looking at doing my AA Cdo Cse before I move across ... its not promotion related, i'm not a pissed off 15 year full screw, i'm 26 and i've been strong recommended for my 3rd on my last 2 CR's, just want a new job ... something to get me interested in the army again. I was in BATUS as temp staff and saw a few battlegroups and it was always the battlegroup / formation recce that interested me.

    Anyone got any suggestions or advice?
  2. You'll probably end up in RHQ troop as CO's sig,
  3. Some things never change then..........
    "You're what?.....Sigs trained? Rarer than rocking horse s#it mate................get the hell into RHQ Troop, don't pass go and see if you can get £200 out of us?" 18 months later.....try and get back to a Squadron.......just try!!!
  4. They are at Catterick at the moment, speak to your RCMO. Probably end up in Command Troop running a CV I would presume, or located at Bg Main.

    The recce side now that they have re-rolled will allow you to be trained on CVRT and hone your skills as many were ex 16/5L (a good Recce Regt in their day).
  5. The BEST
  6. 17/21st where the BEST
  7. 3rd best.......................9/12th were...are :twisted:
  8. Wear they?
  9. Think again & try the RM since you are going to do the Lymstone Course. Like the others have said you will end up in Command Troop/SHQ or back to the Training Wing. You would soon get hacked off waiting for your commanders course (good money) and waiting for your Instructors course (radio) which you need for promotion, unless that has changed. Should you be lucky enough to be put forward for those courses above the other full screws, who would have been waiting longer than you. Then you won't be Mr Popular with them. But I don't blame you for wanting to get away from the Scaley Backs Corps & good luck.
  10. Cheers for the comments ... I figured I might get stuck into a signallers role if I transfered across ... it's not the communications I dont like, I dont like the signals. Injured infantry / infantry that fail tests / infantry that are subject matter experts in an area of communications all move over to the signals. Fair one, but i've been signals all my career and and still get pissed off even with mates that come over to the signals but still think they are in an infantry platoon ... and then start putting military training above and beyond trade training, and cant find a balance between the two. Dont get me wrong, i truly believe a bad day on exercise is always better than a good day in an office ... but I would rather be in a job where I could teach my trade rather than teaching bayonet ranges to 60 techs that have no interest.
  11. Mate in FR its a different type of signals. My unit had a few Royal signals guys back fill on SPTA a few years ago, they were lost when it came to FR sigs. Transfer buddy but bin the sigs stuff.Why the QRL anyway mate? plenty of other FR regiments (except 9th/12th)
  12. The Bays, the Bays, the Queens Bays are best,
    I wouldn't give you tuppence for all of the Rest! :D

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  13. The Bays went 50 years ago (this year).I get your point and yes try QDG mate.Sigs is vital for an FR regiment to do its job. You have to get crew commanders done first otherwise you wont have a clue.
  14. I left the BAYS a bit earlier than that!!
    62 years ago! (And there ain't many of us left!)

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  15. The location is a bonus for me as im divorsed and would be closer to kids but having read different books, army website, spoke to guys in BATUS, the history of the amalgimated units seems to be a passion that runs through the regiment. Also I've looked at battlegroup recce and formation recce ... just seems like formation would be more for me... i understand i might get ribbed for this but formation recce seems more reliant on operator/commander skills due to the distance in front of a battlegroup they typically would operate. Correct me if im wrong, i only know what i can read