QRL Soldiers Combat Cenotaph Attacks

Soldiers have been drafted in to help combat vandal attacks on a Teesside war memorial, which have been described as "despicable" by police.

In recent months Hartlepool's town centre cenotaph has been vandalised and daubed with graffiti, with local youths being blamed.

Now soldiers from Catterick Garrison are to spend time talking to youths who regularly gather at the memorial.

It is hoped the move will encourage young people to respect the memorial.

The soldiers, from the Queen's Royal Lancers, were visiting the town on Saturday, when groups of young people gather around the Victoria Road site.

'Think twice'

Insp Tony Green of Cleveland Police said: "This kind of behaviour is despicable and totally disrespectful to our war heroes.

"We have tried various approaches to tackling incidents, all of which work to a certain degree, but as yet have not resulted in a complete end to the damage.

"We hope that by speaking to the soldiers, the young people of Hartlepool will learn about the difference that our war heroes make to our lives and will be inspired to think twice about their behaviour."

Capt Christopher Kierstead, the Adjutant of the Queen's Royal Lancers, said: "By engaging with the young people of Hartlepool, we hope we can explain what the memorial means to us, why it is so important and why everyone should respect it.

"The present generation are the first to not have a direct link to either world war and we can provide that link."
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2009/11/01 13:50:13 GMT

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Monkey-hanging chav barstewards.
We had a similar problem in oor wee toon although it was on the Boer War memorial which although 12" high was hidden in bushes and the Neds used to drink, smoke etc in there.
It was rediscover during a road developement and they got the interest of the Neds to help move and clean it up through the Geneology of their family names from 4 generations ago, the difference was amazing and the neds looked on it as their Grandads memorial.
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