Discussion in 'RAC' started by The_0ne, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. Recently i posted a thread on here asking about the QRH's as i was interested in joining them (They are my local RAC regiment as im from Bham)

    I am now also considering the QRL as they recruit from round here too but are now recce which i think may be more interesting?

    Are the QRL's formerly known as 9/12 lancers which i keep hearing on these boards are shit? :eek:

    What do people think or the QRL's?

    Cheers 8)
  2. Cheers just had a look and now realise QRL aren't formerly 9/12 lancers woohooo :)

    What do people think of the QRL's?

    I understand they've just gone to afghanistan
  3. Iraq, but close...

    I am not RAC but have had the pleasure of working with them several times and all positive. As I said, a non RAC view but seem like a good bunch and well respected in the wider Army.
  4. Well youd better ask me or Tpr-C-Hunt :0
    So a very slight biased answer, you wont do better. :)
  5. Come on folks QRL whats the deal? 8)

    Would people go QRL or QRH.

    Either way they will be going down as my 1st and 2nd choices come application time
  6. Neither, they're cavalry!! Stick with a regiment that knows what to do with tanks fella - the RTR :D
  7. Yes, read the 3rtr thread, seems all they did was bog them, loose them or break them. :D
  8. Had to say summat mate sorry, couldn't resist, i'll get back in my box now - or should i say bog?!?! Scarletto, you ex 16/5 or bonehead by any chance?? Was on my pilot's course with an ex 16/5 lad, J*hn W*sson - you know him??
  9. Im ex-16/5 mate, never took to the amalgamation with the boneheads, why them? oh well. yes knew him well, was from my squadron, what year was that??

    An no need to apologise, i luv the RTR really, makes me remember how good we were :)
  10. S54 just told me how he knows ya :) JW started on the course with me in oct 97, the ironic thing is he spent nigh on 17 years on panzers, got married at the end of the pilots course, posted to NI and de-gloves his finger jumping out the back of a bloody bedford! Bloody funny trying to watch him hold his change when the barman gives it to him!! :D He's single again now, working in the AH sim in Dishforth IIRC. Fingers, if you're reading this, hi mate :D
  11. If you want tanks mate go RTR if you want Recce go QDG or LD .QRL have just re-roled to recce so they are still finding their feet.Dont be drawn into where the recruiting sgt says you have to go. QDG has a few brummies, we are in Germany so plenty of cash and we have a great year planned so now is the time to join. Has to be worth a look.
  12. Hey 20 thanks for that, well didnt know that so many thanks, must tell someone that :)

    Yes funny met more from JLR on here, than outside, oh and soprano if your reading this,spoke to rogerout last night and pmed him the name.
  13. Mmmmmmmm you're not wrong there mate!

    Is he home from the heat? If he is he is probaly spending his time playing 'Cross Country Marbles'..............................................the homo!!! :wink:
  14. No he is back on the 22nd mate, offered to send him a xmas package, but he says he has enough vaseline......:)