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Discussion in 'RAC' started by noakesy, Jul 7, 2011.

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  1. I'm considering commissioning into the RAC, and I'm very interested in the QRL but their section of the army website isn't very detailed, so I thought I'd ask here. If I was to become an officer in the QRL, would I be posted to lots of different places/ go on lots of different tours? Also could anyone give me a run-down of what I would do on ops/ in barracks and what the difference would be between that and being an officer in say the guards recce force?

    Thanks for any help

  2. We call recce force, "RECON FORCE" these days.

    Your welcome.
  3. Ooer sorry, I didn't mean that as a unit title, just the force within the guards that performs reconnaissance, I didn't know what the unit was called, or how big it was, so I guessed, now can anyone answer my questions?
  4. Sadly, it would appear that yet another education has been wasted. The QRL is not in the Guards but then you would know that. Well done for finding the RAC thread. Given your complete stupidity it is surprising.
  5. I'm glad that the RAC now attracts potential officers who are so good that they can decide for themselves where or indeed if they commission, without thought that they may not be capable of commissioning at all, or whether or not they might actually be accepted by the regiment in question. A little humility, I suggest.

    In answer to your question, you need to speak to a recruiter, if you don't have access to a schools or university recruiting officer, head down to an Armed Forces Recruiting Office (details on t'interweb). In the mean time have a look at some of the previous threads discussing what the RAC does. You really need to know a lot more about the Army in general and the RAC in particular before you can select an individual regiment to apply to. Even then, be aware that the process is competitive.

    Out of curiosity, why the QRL? Please tell me it is due to a family connection/friend rather than just "I like the look of the cap-badge/motto..."

    There is no "Guards Recce Force" although each guards battalion does have a Recce Pl, which you could command for a short period if you joined them and were chosen for the job.
  6. Google and Amazon can be quite useful, but don't join the QRL they have more than their quota of village idiots
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  7. HHH

    HHH LE

    So lets see, I think so far on this site, you've wanted to become a Officer in the Int Corp, Inf, Royal Marines, RAC, join the UOTC & go to the USA with them and you are a Cadet, is this correct.
    There is probably more, but thats a start.
    I see you are a very decisive person, you will do well in the army (especially as a Officer)
  8. Thankyou :) sorry, anyone I pissed off, I'm not set on anything right now, I'm just trying to get as much information as possible, and as I learn more about the army I've wanted to do different things, of course I knew the QRL wasn't in the gaurds, I just knew that QRL was solely recce while most infantry regiments have recce areas, and I was interested to know the difference.

  9. There is no "Guards Recce Force" although each guards battalion does have a Recce Pl, which you could command for a short period if you joined them and were chosen for the job.


  10. Formation recce is an armoured corps task carried out as an asset for the Battle group to which they are attached.
    Recce Pl is an infantry role in support of their own Bn.

    Drink bleach with an ammonia chaser until all of this makes sense to you.
  11. Why do you keep on saying sorry. Clearly you have made a full and comprehensive research in to all aspects of military and in particular commissioned life in the Army. Thus armed with these facts your launch onto ARRSE to explore in more detail. At no point do you pause to think, will these questions make me look a fool, at no point does your education, say, hey, maybe I should do a spell and grammer check. I am in awe of your inspired and determined approach.

    The very basic lack of even the most fundamental knowledge of your chosen way of life can only set you up perfectly. I refer you to my signature block.
  12. Although HCR is part of the Household Division, it is clearly not a regiment of Foot Guards (as are the Grenedier, Coldstream, Scots, Irish or Welsh Guards).

    I suspect by "Guards Recce Force" he meant either one of the Foot Guards Recce Pls or he is getting mixed up with BRFs (which of course, less 3X and 16X are now principally RAC organisations).
  13. Yes, sorry for any confusion, I meant a guards recce platoon, but I didn't know their recce was at platoon level, so I said force.
  14. I had one of these once....failed the Army entrance Test even with 2 degrees and a masters but only achieved 45 %........Then complained that he felt it was not a fair test.....Took him 5 minutes to find the door.......