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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Rawr, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. Evening all.

    Apologise if this has been done before, I'm just after a bit of information about the Queens Royal Lancers (since there isn't alot on the Army website) and specifically being an officer in the regiment.

    Is it a tough regiment to get commisioned into?

    Is there a training course similar to PCBC for newly commisioned officers?

    Where does the regiment recruit from?

    What does an officer do day to day in a formation recconaisance regiment? When not on tour

    Many thanks for any replies.
  2. Rawr:

    As an Officer QRL will recruit from everywhere. I have just had a meeting with the Colonel in Chief of the Regiment in London, which went well and I am arranging a PO Visit. Just ask your ACA if he could set you up a meeting.

    I heard that they take 4-5 over a year. Usually 1-2 each term. My ACA said that FR Regiments take less than 10 each term. It is hard to get into, but then lots of people will choose infantry and many more will pick RE, REME & RLC.
  3. You met The Queen?
  4. Ha! I re-read that as soon as wrote it and thought that no one would pick me up on it. Unfortunately I didn't meet The Queen, I met a Major General who's regimental title escapes me!
  5. Maj Gen Cummings, Colonel of the Regiment, nice bloke ,used to be my troop leader
  6. Thoroughly nice bloke! We had a great chat about skiing & cricket and he took the p1ss out of my shoes. If he is an indication on QRL, then I would enjoy serving with them a lot.
  7. In order:

    QRL is no tougher a regiment to commission into than any other in the RAC (depending on how popular it is that year). In terms of competitiveness probably less competitive than PARA, RGR or AAC (those three where the most oversubscribed in my intake at least), more competitive than RLC, RA, etc. and certainly more so than AGC, AMS, etc. Like I say, it'll depend very much on who wants to join what in the year you commission. Ultimately, if you are the right man for the job and there is a space, they'll have you.

    RAC Officers on commissioning go and do one of the Tp Ldrs' courses. If you join the QRL you would do the Formation Recce (FR) Tp Ldrs Course. This consists of a Driving and Maintenance (D&M) phase at Bovington which teaches you what you need to know about CVR(T) from the turret ring down, followed by a gunnery phase at Lulworth which teaches from the turret ring up and the signals phase (also at Bovington). These are not necessarily done in that order. Finally you will go to the Land Warfare Centre in Warminster on the tactics phase. This will teach you whatever they think you need to know about recce, be it vehicle mounted or dismounted.

    I'll leave Google/Wikipedia to answer the recruiting areas question, other than to say that officers are not necessarily drawn from the same geographical areas as the soldiers. Basically don't worry about it too much, as long as you can get on with the boys, you'll be fine.

    In terms of what a Tp Ldr does day to day; you will have noticed that now is a busy time for the Army both on and off ops. If you are not on exercise, you will be involved in some form of Sqn training programme, which will include vehicle maintenance, PT and probably some sort of conceptual or class room training. In addition you will be set tasks by your Sqn Ldr; these may be to organise the next range period or run a map reading course, etc. Finally you have G1, all the personnel issues from the soldiers under your command (soldier "Sir I've just found out my girlfriend is pregnant", you "congratulations", soldier "thats not what my wife said"). Nowadays, you will also find youself on courses much of the time. In essence it is a pretty varied existance, you won't be bored. There is of course time for fun as well, be it in the Mess (particularly in Germany) or outside. You'll do that for a couple of years and then move into a new job, with new challenges.
  8. Thanks very much for all your replies. I'll hopefully be able to organise a visit sometime soon! Oh and good luck with getting into the regiment Exwing.
  9. a typical day for a qrl officer

    tea and toast
  10. Thanks Brave-Coward, great post!
  11. What are the characteristics of the QRL, and will that stay on when amalgamated with the 9th/12th?
  12. Tea and Toast as Whamsays
  13. I miss tea and toast in the mess; if I transfer from the RN to the QRL, will they promise still to have tea and toast?