QRL moving to Canada?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Temple123, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. Just heard a rumour the lancers are moving to Canada in 2013 for four years, just wanted to know if there's any truth behind this?
  2. No
  3. Where did you hear that from?
  4. Correct and to the point, rather than me saying its true and they have bought a beach complex in Nova Scotia
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  5. Well, if we are moving out of Germany we have to put blokes somewhere...

    And we have no carriers.
  6. You mis-heard,

    It's Kandahar
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  7. Not wanting to start a bun fight, but I heard that they are moving back to the home of the Regiment, ie Staffordshire, kicking 22 Sigs out of Beacon Barracks and turning Cannock Chase into an Armoured playground, our own Soltau.
  8. Nossir, just wishful thinking.

  9. Halifax is so pleasant in the summer...
  10. There's so much room at Konzentrationslager Stafford that you could easily fit an armoured regiment into one of the empty sites. It would liven the town up a bit too.