QRL Homecoming parade Nottingham

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Homecoming Parades

Nottingham – Friday 10th December. Start with a Church service at 10:00 in St Mary’s Church, High Pavement, Lace Market, Nottingham, NG1 1HR. The Regiment will then “step off” from there and follow a route that will take them towards the Old Market Square. The Saluting Dais will be outside Debenhams on the northern side of the square. They should reach that at about 11:30.

Stafford – Saturday 11th December. Start with Church service at 10:00 in St Mary’s Church, St Mary’s Place, Stafford, ST16 2AR. They will then “step off” from close by and follow a route up Mill Street and around the centre with the Saluting Dais outside the Guildhall Shopping Centre on Earl Street. They should reach that at about 11:30.

Council run Post Parade Receptions are being held in both locations. However due to the restriction on numbers, entry to these is by ticket only and these are being administered by your Association Branch Chairmen whom you should contact directly if you are keen to attend.

QRL Regimental Association
I hope the weather improves for the day and that they have a good parade.

Welcome home boys and have a good one!

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