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Hi there, I am being sponsored onto the RCB briefing by my ACA(O) Advisor, and am trying to track down some regimental sponsorship. As per advice dished out elsewhere on this site, I am looking to set up fam' visits with various areas of the army, one of which is the RAC. I have been in touch with the Queens Royal Lancers since I was fourteen (six years ago) as being a Staffordshire lad I believe I fall in their recruitment area. Now however I am ready to take the plunge into the Army, and the QRL have disappeared off the face of the earth! It is highly likely that I am being dense and have missed the correct contact details somewhere along the line, but every email address and telephone number I have found has been wrong. If any QRL on this forum could help me out with contact details I would be very grateful.

By the way, in my only meeting with a tanker he cast aspertions on my ability to fit my 6ft4 blindside flanker's frame into a CR2. I trust this was good natured ribbing, rather than a serious issue? The CR2 looks plenty big enough to me!
No worries mate you will get in a cr2 . There are many rugby boys in the RAC may be difficult in a Scimitar . Dont say tankers . Its a Yank term and our tankies are much better than them .
I believe you wish to become a cavalryman if interested in the QRL.

Tankies are the RTR (Cash Bar)...
CR2 not an issue anyway as they're converting to formation recce according to the last I heard. I was looking at them myself so have had a bit of info from them. Went cold on them when I was told that they were one of the "snobbier" RAC regiments it might not be an issue for you but I went to a state school and so can't be arrsed with that sort of thing
I am also state educated (worked part time as a cleaner to pay my way in fact!), but am not adverse to the odd bit of snobbery in a good cause, as long as its nothing too extreme. I have no additional income or anything daft like that. Do you still have the regimental contact details?I also heard they were converting to recon, but there was no mention of it on my last visit to the website.
So which are the "snobbier" RAC regiments?
I was told (bear in mind this is hearsay but you've got sod all else to go on ) that they were the Scots DG, QRL, 9th/12th and QRH with the light Dragoons, QDG and RTR being quite friendly. I did visit Bovington and found this pretty much bourne out in the young officers I met in the mess there. The 9th/12th man who was there was particularly unpleasant, I had thought this was just a stereotype but I've since heard a similar thing from someone who went there six years ago.
If anyone has a more educated impression of these regiments I would be glad to hear it but otherwise you pretty much have to go on rumour and first impressions.

The only way I know to contact the QRL is via snail mail to the home HQ in Grantham, neither deathorglory.com nor www.qrl.uk.com seem to be very regularly updated.

The address is:
Home Headquarters,
The Queen's Royal Lancers,
Lancer House,
Prince William of Gloucester Barracks,
NG31 7TJ.
Have just checked out the QRL website - the fact that they're offering a regimental platinum VISA card might give you a clue!

I'm also interested in joining an armoured regiment: have organised a visit to the HCR and then am thinking probably KRH. Any info on that lot?


PS. I also met a rather unpleasatn 9/12L fellow - general impression is that they're rather unreasonably snobbish
HCR - There are actually two Regiments in the Household Cavalry. The Household Cavalry Regiment (HCR) is Formation Recon and forms part of 16 Air Assault Brigade. They are always based in Windsor so don't move around.

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR) is based in Knightsbridge and are Ceremonial.

As they have permenant bases to an extent there is less Mess life to some extent as some commute from London or live out. As with a second income Mess Bills can be as large or as small as you want...

IMHO if you are going to go Armoured Recce Household Cavarly take some beating (and becuse they are two Regiments they accept double the Officers!) but the best thing to do is go see them. If you want their contact details PM me.

I'm at Sandhurst now and I've met reps from all the Cav regiments. QRL are a wonderful bunch - friendly, hard drinking and very relaxed. They are in the middle of their conversion year to formation recce, so you won't ever see Challenger 2. You want to get hold of Colonel Simpson, the Regimental Secretary.

Visited KRH and HCR both were great fun. Heard good things about QRH and LDs. 9th/12th were a little odd, but some of the guys at Sandhurst who have put them down as their choice of arm are really nice.

In short, go Cav!
Left QRL in 1996 as got promoted to civie after 16 years.
Great bunch of lads who party as hard as they work. Motto is "Death or Glory"
I agree with the Sandhurts chap. As my research widens and my briefing approaches Cav does seem the way forward. Having said that, that is based on conversations and reps I have met, not solid fam visits. The various corps my ACA(O) suggested to me have all responded with offers of visits, apart from the RAC. Should I be waiting for a reply from the corps as a whole or should I contact the individual regiments myself? If its regiments, then who offers the best visits (and future)? And why is there so much anti- 9/12 Lancers feeling? That half hearted endorsement Sandhurts offered is the only good thing I've heard anyone say about them!

One other thing, as well as the rugby (which I love but am not great at) I love to ride, which I am pretty good at. I've showjump at a very high standard, and would want to continue this in the army. While the Cav don't take their horses into battle anymore, is their much scope to compete at the higher levels of equestrianism in the RAC? I saw an HCAV officer riding at Badminton at the weekend, which suggests the opportunities are there.
its... You should have be invited to Bovington by now to meet the RAC recruiting officer and possibly spend a night in the mess there which should give you the opportunity to meet officers from a variety of regiments who are on courses there.

As for riding I've seen at least one officer competing at several different One-Days (a QDG Captain I think) on a variety of horses and I believe there in an XC course and saddle club at Bovington. There was a Dog and Donkey article a while back about serving officers competing in Endurance and SJ. There don't seem to be as many soldiers riding in point-to-points as there were though although it might be different around the various garrisons, particularly the Larkhill area.


War Hero
Rugby granted.....It is a Hcav Officer and he competes at a very high level indeed in matters Nag.......even the Queen supplies him with rides.
Flyingrockdj said:
Rugby granted.....It is a Hcav Officer and he competes at a very high level indeed in matters Nag.......even the Queen supplies him with rides.
I was under the impression that the late Princess of Wales provided the HCR with their rides? Have I been misinformed...


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No she was never good at choosing a good un, the queen mum though, she knew what to look for.

Prince Harry should join the QDG, then everyone would think his surnames "Phillips", never a full explantation why they split up after all.
Flyingrockdj said:
No she was never good at choosing a good un...
Indeed she wasn't...and I'm not thinking about the Life Guard ones, I'm thinking about the rats and the mice in the B&R...

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