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Is anyone able to give me an email address/telephone number/(name would be great too if possible) for someone in QRL who can send me a regimental information pack?

Tried calling them and there's no answer, and everytime I email the address given it just bounces back.

Many thanks
Crescent mate, managed to get some information, the QRL recruiting team ceases to exist after Friday, they still have 3 SNCOs at recruiting offices, but the team is getting the chop, this is due to fiscal reasons, and it appears to be that no longer Regimental teams but Army teams will recruit. HOWEVER these units based for instance sake Stoke try to recruit into local Regiments, but this is from a serving Officer btw, Regiment specific recruiting teams are going?!

However Sgt C, of RRT sends apologies and if you phone today he will be there, as he is packing up i guess!!

All a case of Army saving money, so i guess Kape tours will be going next


Shite, too late.

Thanks a lot scarletto (and all others who PM'd me)
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