Discussion in 'RAC' started by error_unknown, Feb 1, 2004.

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  1. April is nearly upon us and it looks like The "Queen's Really Large" Tankies are going to re-roll onto Recce( Fact or Fiction!! ) who knows only time will tell.. But it looks like the Bone Heads will have to break out the Jade Goody Workout vids and shed some of that much loved Cellulite!!!!
    RECCE IS WHERE ITS AT!! [/img]
  2. Yes I heard that one.

    And to carry on the theme, how is that Fat Floater no names allowed going to fit in a cvr/t turret. He'll have to get in first, or the gunner will be toast... or maybe jam might be a more appropriate outcome.

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  3. Quite Rotund Lardies are going to stay me thinks. Rarely Deployed Guards (RDG) are a better bet
  4. RDG and/or 2 RTR I've heard.
  5. :?: A crossing of paths me thinks???????????????? Name the year Buttee?
  6. I've heard QRL. 2RTR will not re-role methinks, at least not for the forseeable. Besides, they have the move back to Tidders to look forward to next annum, or whenever the bally barracks is a-builded.

    Any news on that one? anyone?
  7. :?: QRL currently in a purpose built CR2 Camp. We was there. Why move recce out to make it recce again? Tidder's ponder a while??????
  8. Defence Review- 19 Mech to go light. Looks like QRL then to re-role. Got itwrong earlier in the thread Oops. QRL have root's in recce (3 and 1/5 Lancers). They will have to start with the no food diet plan to catch up with the current Fmn Recce Ethos. Lose weight, get snipers and FAC's or Die!!!!!!!!!!!! Go the QDG way boys-every other Recce Regt is. 1st and foremost.
  9. krh will go recce and yes you qdgs invented recce thats why they put you on tanks you messed that up so you had to change back!!!! :lol: please have a bit of knowledge b4 you sing your own praises :oops:
  10. Sour Grapes Blue Fox - Still, amalgamated Regt's still have a legacy of not quite being right have they. Obviously QDG saw the writing on the wall for tankie types. Lose weight and prosper.
  11. KRH will remain CR2 despite volunteering to re-role and QRL will re-role to fmn recce. KRH are mid bowman conversion (another cake and arrse in itself) :roll:

    Where are all the vehs coming from to equip the tankies with their proposed recce sqns though?