Discussion in 'RAC' started by saxon600, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. Trying to find a QRIH Tie Pin for my brother-law Pat Foggarty ex QRIH can any help :?:
  2. Have you tried Home Headquarters at Regent's Park Barracks?
  3. PM GDav he will know where to get one! If you ask him nicely he will also tell you the exact dimensions, wieght, what its made of, who made it, the part no, price etc etc. If he gives you his phone number make sure you shout as he's got a c**k stuck in his ear at the mo!
  4. starting to sound like a stalker :wink:
  5. He will no doubt send you one, nice chap that he is. Mind he washes the faeces off first…
  6. http://www.qrh.org.uk/shop.htm

    cufflinks as well as others, no tie pins...

    or you could pick up one of these bad-boys...



    I have too much time to google...
  7. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Just so long as he doesn't give you one. Then he'd have to wash the faeces off afterward.

    Did I type that out loud?
  8. Hmm - missed this at the time.

    Isn't it wonderful to be the subject of so much gossip :D
  9. Your eyesight must be failing GDav! I've been asleep on the river bank for ages waiting for a 'bite'.
  10. Oh no LOL - I'm not falling for it. I'm a reformed character ;)