QRIH Museum in Eastbourne


Well easter hols (I know!) struck again and I was taking the little and not so little Uglies around the Redoubt Museum at eastbourne. It houses the Royal Sussex and QRIH musuems or so the blurb said. Nipper is into tanks (mainly blowing them up and we didnt have the diesel to get to Bovvy) so I said I know where there are a couple. inside its all undergoing a slow refurb, some stuff needs cleaning (badly) and the outside exhibits, 1 Ferret and 1 cent are in dog order. Isnt there a salt spray proof paint?
Anyhow I was wondering if anyone here remembers this?

& the big plaque attached:

A few memories inside, the rest will go on the infantry or history forums.

Can't remember a Ferret with cannon mounted on back!Sad to see AFV's in this condition.
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