Discussion in 'RAC' started by matty198622, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. hi is there anyone in here from the qrh?? just im looking through the regiments at the moment and trying to get info. ive filled out the online form for info but just thought you guys may be better equiped to help with any feedback useful sites and first hand experience
  2. I am a member of the finest Cavalry regiment in the british army.
    How can i help??
  3. The lad was asking for info on QRH not QDG :highfive:
  4. He got it right the first time. Back off you Welsh tart or we'll send the redcoats after you :threaten:

    Anyway, the lad wants to work on TANKS not Dinky toys.
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  5. I thinks the Dancing Girls are out numbered,,,And its QRH not qrh
  6. Best he join the RTR then, at least he won't have to work with a bunch of horsey folks....

    Sorry fellas, couldn't resist it. I wouldn't want the thread to degenerate into the RTR/Cav thing so i'll bugger off out of it now....
  7. It only takes a few QDG to sort out the QRH anyway.If you want heavy armour its RTR ,if you want Formation Recce its QDG. Wewill be joining the QRH in Sennelager pretty soon (Dempsey barracks confirmed) so lots of inter-RAC ''chit-chat'' down the strip.
  8. Taff, Has that been confirmed - Are you going to share the camp with the RA as they've been told they are not going anywhere for the time being!

  9. We weretold on Friday by our CO .Dempsey Barracks Sennelager.Settled in by early Jan 08.LD's are staying at Swanton Morley as for 12th reg RA, I dont think the camp is big enough for 2 units. So they must be going.
  10. Hmm...I'll have to get my spies out !
  11. Has it been confirmed that the QRH are staying in Sennelager indefinately?
  12. Yeah, a mucker of mine is QRH and he has been told they are going nowhere ! Appart from tours obviously.
  13. It would be nice to have our own camp again,at the moment we are sharing with a REME Bn ,which come friday/sat night in the Naafi bar brings its dramas. Sennelager is the best thing that could happen to QDG ,it would be good having a fellow Cav regiment just up the road as well. QRH are a good bunch .
  14. You'd send the guy to the RTR just to spite another cavalry regiment?

    You need to be send back to the factory for a rebore mate. :frustrated:
  15. I served in 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queens Bays) now QDG in Italy and Egypt; the 3rd The Kings Own Hussars (Airborne) in Palestine; The 4th Queens Own Hussars in Malaya. now both are QRH. I really enjoyed my time in the 3rd and 4th and have 2 grandsons serving in the QRH. So the finest Cavalry Regiment in my opiion is of course the QRH.