Discussion in 'RAC' started by Can_do_attitude, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Evening chaps.

    I am after some a little information and guess some advice if I may.

    Basically I'm due to start basic in June however I'm torn between the above two regiments.

    I originally put down QRH as they have the challengers and my old man was in the QRIH before they amalgamated however I’ve recently found out that there is a strong likelihood that the QRH will be returning to the UK next year and staying here. Not all bad I guess but admittedly I was looking forward to serving in Germany a little.

    After a little look at the other MBT regiments I’ve now begun to look into the SCOTS DG a little. I know they are now over in Germany and as far as I am aware there are no plans for them to come back to the UK (please correct me if this is bollocks however). For what little I’ve found out too no one has a bad thing to say about the SCOTS DG.

    I think right now I’m leaning that little more towards the SCOTS DG however I’ve yet to make my mind up 100%. There are pros and cons for both regiments I guess, although the prospect of wearing a kilt isn’t exactly appealing! :p

    I know ultimately the decision is mine but just looking for people’s thoughts or views I guess……if any.

    Cheers guys.
  2. Your right SCOTSDG are a fine regiment and there is no plans to move from Germany for a few years yet, even though they have been there for almost 14 years.

    Unless you join the pipe band you will not wear a kilt.
    There is also a rule that unless you are extremely good looking or hung like a drum horse you will not be accepted for SCOTSDG.
  3. You'll be glad to hear I tick both them boxes! :twisted:
  4. Tankie2ndrtr

    Tankie2ndrtr Old-Salt Reviewer

    Hmmmmm, "ROYAL" SDG's..... took all our rejects when we moved back to England....

    i would recommend them over that other cav regiment, Germany was great ! If your English or Fijian your bound to get in lol.
  5. I'm with Vandyke and the Tankie on this.
    The last date I heard through the grapevine about our moving was 2014, but that is not a promise. Safe to say though, there are no immediate plans afoot.
    The SCOTS DG are a great bunch of lads, and a great life awaits a young trooper in Germany, as anyone will confirm- so long as you don't spend your life in Fally, but instead get yourself out on the road and seeing as much of Europe as you can whilst living in a prime location to take advantage!
    I'm English myself, and never had any worries fitting in when I arrived, or the years I have spent wearing a grey beret, the regiment is a very welcoming place for those that work hard and play hard.

    I cannot really comment too much on the QRH, as I have only worked with a couple of individuals. I really got on well with the two I met on my most recent course, great lads, but not so well with the lads I handed over to in Iraq, but hey ho.
  6. Hmm looks like I'm going SCOTS DG then!
  7. Haha, they're not all that bad!

    I've been in Germany for coming up to 2 years now and am one of many English in the Regiment. Being English hasn't caused me any problems at all (but my accent has!). I'm transferring out soon though, nothing to do with the actual SCOTS DG, more that the job is not for me and think my 'talents' would be best suited somewhere else.

    Germany is pretty great for a young singly, make sure you get mobile and get with a good bunch of lads who are up for travelling about some and not just getting pissed up in the block and then heading down to the shitty local club called Cha Cha's.
  8. talents?
  9. Yeah, sneaking, sword fighting, running backwards, jumping really high. You know, talents.
  10. You are leaving to be a ninja?
  11. I'd say a pirate ninja given the sword fighting 'talents'?????
  12. Ninjas have swords as default anyway! Not quite though, I'm becoming a secret agent, but you all know now, so it's not that secret anymore.
  13. The name's Forks, Agent Forks
  14. Nothing is set about QRH returning to the UK
  15. Truth.........Scots DG are good lads. Fine tank soldiers but very pro-Scotland. Not a bad thing for a Jock tank Regiment.

    QRH are NOT moving just yet and are NOT confirmed to move in the near future. Expect at least two more years. Paderborn is 100% better than Falingbostel. I have been based there and Hohne as well as Paderborn/Sennelager. Facilities are brilliant, central Germany........perfect for travelling, (Bavaria is a must, but 7-8 hour drive from Fally). Only 5 hours from Calais for leave to UK, 7-8 hours from Fally. I would never go back given the choice. As you have links to the QRH they are definitely worth a punt. Mainly from the Midlands, South of England, (Sussex/Kent/London), with less than 5% from Northern Ireland. End of the day, you can always transfer if you don't like it..............