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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Hoops, Sep 30, 2005.

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  1. Hello all
    Been snooping around these boards reading info for a while now.
    Im 25 and have finally made my mind up to join the army in either RAC or RE (in the ranks, not officer). Just wanted to ask a couple of questions really.

    First, being from Hereford I guess my local Cav regt will be the QRH? Anyone serve with them at all? Have they a good reputation?

    Secondly, I read somewhere that Tank crewman get paid the higher pay band due to job being quite technical?

    Any info much appreciated. Cheers!

    Tony 8)
  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Not entirely true nowadays me old chum. Basically, there is a higher rate of pay once you are qualified as a crewman or crew commander. Do not believe that every pay cheque is a fortune. The pay is fair but not a fortune.

    On the point about Regiments, don't sell yourself short. Have a look about and choose one that you like the look of.
  3. Served along side QRH during Telic 3 great individuals..............
    But as a regiment?
    Steer well clear mate!
    'Jack' should be the regimental motto!
  4. Thanks for the input guys.

    Mysteron, I was under the impression that regiments only recruit from certain areas (hence Hereford being in the west midlands = QRH)? If this isnt the case may look at the 2nd RTR (lived in Bristol a fair bit, which is part of their recruiting area).
    I understand the pay isnt a fortune, have seen the rates on the army careers site, but to be honest, compared to the jobs in my neck of the woods the pay is above average! (not that thats why im joining)

    Be nice to hear from any serving 2nd RTR and QRH if there any out there!

    Tony 8)

    PS. Sorry about the bone questions, know you must get them a lot. Trouble is many moons ago I made a bad error of judgement (*Cough*..... RAF Regt..... *cough*) And want to be 100 % sure this time! :oops:
  5. Buddy QDG are your local cavalry mob , there are loads of Hereford lads there . Welsh and borders . Give them a shout , they are a formation recce regiment , so know big smelly dirty tanks for you , if you want any info pm me and i will point you in the right direction . recce
  6. Thanks recce (and another member by pm).

    Now ive had another look at the QDG army website and seen the recruiting area, I feel a bit of a tool!...... :oops:
  7. I was going to say...your a bit closer to the welsh side of the woods!
  8. Arrrrr, many Salopian and Herefordian have lightened the load in the QDG. Many a good chap. Come aboard carrot munching, cider swilling, tractor driving friend!!!!!
  9. QDG are your local regiment mate. They're a recce mob. If you want on the big stuff you'll have to look further afield.

    QRH is my old regiment and they're bloody good. Don't know where Baldrick gets his opinion from but it's likely that the feeling is mutual.

    What you need to be careful of is that QRH have a really high number of Irish guys in it and the emphasis on 'Irishness' is still very strong. It's no bad thing but you may feel a bit of an outsider. If you feel you want to join an hussar mob but with fewer paddies you could try the KRH.
  10. just found this site and my regt was QRH and it is an excellant regiment so dont F***ing knock it
  11. Aha, so there's two of us now - that'll scare them. Greetings from (pronto) Tango 33 Alpha.
  12. Some fair comments and some not so fair.............

    QRH are your nearest HEAVY tank regiment and they have quite a few from Herefordshire and Worrcestershire serving with them. QDG are most definitely your nearest Armoured Regiment, but they use outdated CVR(T) vehicles, albeit updated with themal imagers and lasers etc. The QRH are a pretty good regiment, I would say top three in the RAC. I place the QDG there too, got some mates there and they are great fun and really on-side. They actually live down the road from each other, so if you join one and fancy a change............just climb over the fence. Basically, it all boils down to whether you want tanks for closing with and killing the enemy. or reconnaissance, sneaking about and finding them. The RE are great blokes too and offer better trades and qualifications........BUT...... If you want to fight and don't want to walk, it's the RAC every time.

    Good luck.
  13. After posting this nearly 4 years ago, id hope he found what he wanted. :roll:
  14. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Could be recce then
  15. Bugger. I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight for worrying about whether Hoops made it into the QDG or the QRH.

    However, with only 3 posts in 3.5 years, he might not have done so.