QRH and Maysan

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Goatman, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Excuse the intrusion charioteers,

    If there are any serving/retired QRH types who have a moment to spare please take a look at the thread here and READ the article linked in the first post.

    Notwithstanding the usual journalistic ignorance on display, to a distant observer it appears the character of the QRH has been, um, sullied.

    A letter from the Regimental Sec to the Editor, Baltimore Chronicle may be in order..... Or is the usual lofty disdain preferred :) ?

  2. quoted (and slightly edited) from the QRH website:

    24 hours? try two weeks
  3. Just spotted this so apologies for the late reply.

    Why do you think we have been sullied Goatman?

    The post has been reproduced from our regimental website and details the withdrawal of the regiment from CAN. It was common knowledge (amongst QRH) that the lads were going to do so in order to take the fight directly to the insurgents rather than sitting in CAN waiting for incoming.

    We have a new formation called the Border Battle Group which we have been calling the Light Cavalry Battle Group in the planning stages.

    I won't post details of that formation here or where they are because of OPSEC but the BBG has been reported in the press over the last few days as a result of large 'finds' by QRH, so I'm giving nothing away by telling you what it's called.
  4. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Gdav, you have neatly illustrated the perils of expecting people to read material which is simply hyperlinked.

    My post refers to the text below, NOT the cut and paste from the QRH website.....the left hand knoweth not what doth the right !

    < sigh >....see what I mean GDav ?

    Water under the bridge by now....but it would have been appropriate in my view if someone could have got off their ARRSE last week long enough to ping a rejoinder to the egregious Mister Floyd and indeed the << Baltimore Chronicle >> on behalf of a regiment which, to my knowledge, has never run away from a fight.

    As my daughter would say....whatEVER ....... :roll:

    Le Chevre
  5. Goatman, sorry I gave you the impression I didn't read Chris Floyd's blog - I did, and I e-mailed him.