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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by clegjnr78, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    I have decided that i would like to re-join the Army, however, i was discharged under QR Para 9.414 SNLR. Truthfully i was discharged because i took ecstacy.

    This is something that i have regretted everyday since being discharged as i was very young and very stupid! I do not take drugs and nor have i since the one time that resulted in my discharge, in fact i actually work for the NHS in mental health and do alot of rehabilitation for people who abuse drugs.

    I am not expecting to get back in but i just wanted to know if i would be wasting my time? This is something i feel very strongly about and yet im very embarressed to go to AFCO and tell them my side of the story just to be turned away.

    I have also heard that people have been taken back after being discharged for the same reason but they judge every case individually.
  2. From previous discussions on this topic here you've got two hopes and one is playing Pro-celebrity Golf with St. Peter.
  3. This just my opinion but i think the best thing to do is bite the bullett and go down the AFCO. I can't see you getting much posotive feedback on here regarding this subject.
  4. Welcome to Arrse, Clegjnr78.

    That's a good question. Para 9.414 and SNLR is fairly damning; you can't re-enlist unless there are extenuating circumstances. However, you now work for the NHS and could probably make a good case, especially if you have gained further qualifications.

    However, if you read the recruiting threads you will see that the training pipeline is full and that we are only taking the very best recruits out of those flocking through the doors.

    If you reckon you can make that grade, ask at the ACIO; only they can advise you after they have consulted with Glasgow.

    In the meantime, you could tell us your trade? What rank did you reach and how long did you serve?

    Good luck!

  5. I don't want to put a downer on it BUT.

    Blokes in my unit and others are getting their marching orders very easily now because we are apparently almost at full manning.

    It's all down to Army legal now deciding on who can be discharged for whatever reason.

    Acouple of blokes have tried to re enlist and been told to f*ck off.

    Even if you sign off on jpa thats it no going back saying " I had a brain fart and didn't mean it can I sign back on?"

    They are being very choosey.

    That said if you don't ask you don't get, good luck
  6. Thanks for the honest feedback

    It was 5 years ago it happened and although, in all fairness, im not expecting the most posotive of feedbacks from the AFCO im still going to enquire.

    I've been told to f**k off many a time before so one more times not gonna make any difference as long as they give me the opportunity to explain.

    Thanks again
  7. Oh btw

    I joined the RAMC in october 2000 as a CMT. I did my basic at ATR lichfield (When they were ATR's) and my phase 2 at keogh bks. My first posting was with 12 med sqn at swanton morley then after serving 2 tours (kosovo and iraq) i was posted to the anglians.

    I spent 4 years in the Army (pretty much to the day) and apart from the issue that resulted in my discharge i loved it and miss it far to much.
  8. Im not judging you as i was a drug taker before i decided to go to the army but:

    my recruiter told me a story about how he put someone through the recruiting process 9 years after the guy had been discharged for taking drugs and took a sever ear bashing off the ADSC and top brass for doing so: bottom line if youve been discharged for taking drugs you've got pretty much 0% chance of getting back in (unless thats propaganda to stop new recruits drugging up ;) )

    Sorry mate but it aint looking good :(
  9. Fantastic. <<sarcasm face on>>

    You took E, you idiot, what did you expect?

    Come on sonny, we'll forget and forgive?

    Have a word.
  10. The regulations are that if you are discharged under QR's para 9.414 (services no longer required) and it was due to drugs then it is a permanent bar to re-enlistment or rejoining.

    The regulations have always been very clear on that note, and in the current climate where we are no longer struggling to recruit i would say in my experience that there is absolutely zero chance of getting back in.
  11. If you were an EOD or Int Cpl, you might have stood a chance, but I would guess that CMT soldiers are currently well recruited.

    Visit the ACIO and ask.

  12. Just nowhere near enough CMT 1's though maybe plenty of lads and lasses joining up.

    Not that we need any drug takers, we are supposed to dish medication out ffs :D .

    I'd go with the 'ask at the ACIO' route, but don't be surprised by a massive FO tablet.
  13. If he was asking at my ACIO he would have got the answer i gave, if his AFB203 was completed and went to MCM Div at Glasgow to approve it, the ACIO would then be told it was a permanent rejection.

    We deal with cases like this all the time ;)

    Recruiting Group Instructions which apply to both the offices and the Civil Servants who read the AFB203's that the offices produce are quite straight forward.

    A re-enlister or rejoiner will not normally be considered for re-employment where they have been discharged under 9.414, they are to be deemed permanently unsuitable for service if it was for drugs.
  14. I think alot of people have already touched upon the answer you'll get...you will MOST PROBABLY be told to **** off.

    If you'd been discharged after something more minor. I was discharged after 4 and half years in..i joined wanting the Para's, i was then told by the Recruiting Sgt that the para's were not recruiting and that to avoid a long wait, i should join his regiment (An Infantry regiment still)...and indeed his battalion and then i'd have my foot in the door and could "oh so easily transfer". I did this..spent a while at battalion then put in a request to transfer...well an interview preformer first..i think it was called. This just got fobbed off and off..they kept on telling me that they had "misplaced my paperwork"...so in the end i'd photocopy 12 off and go back every week and hand in a fresh one when they told me they'd misplaced it.

    In the end the RCMO got a bit nurked with me and told me i wouldnt be transferring anytime yet.i got in touch with the Para's and they kicked up a fuss yet still my Battalion mucked about. In the end i got fucked off and walked....handed myself in and was discharged for it...SNLR.

    18 Months down the line i met a girl from Annapolis , USA who was studying in the UK..we got on..i moved over 6 months later on a visa....we got married....and im now serving with the US Marine Corps, Im now stationed in North Carolina. I havent looked back since...no regrets and they dont piss ass you about over here. That was nearly 6 years ago, i've been with the 2nd USMC for just over 5 and half years, as Marine Infantry.
    I dont know how you'd fair though , yours being a drugs based discharge. But its food for thought. They tell you straight no lies and no mucking about. They wont try and talk you into joining something your not there for just to get a bounty. I was pissed and peeved at the Sgt who recruited me for the Army back in the UK, i didnt question what he told me because i trusted the bloke.