QR 9.414

4. Quick questions-

1. How many people do you think can recite QR 9.414 from memory?

2. How many people do you think have a current and fully amended copy of Queens Regs to hand on a Sunday night?

3. How many people, on seeing this, do you think can be bothered to go and look up QR 9.414?

4. Does QR 9.414 have anything to do with a soldier being declared unfit for service due to mental subnormality?
hawksfan said:
What is the definition of this and how does it affect prospects of future employment in a government serivce i.e police force?
Depends what you did. Twatting someone for instance might not go down so well, compared to just being a total mong. (Where you'll be welcomed with open arms in other government service)
cheers 4the link...the additional link inside doesnt work anymore tho which is a shame.

Personally I think what i did wasnt as bad as my CO made out it was. Wouldnt even let me transfer either.

Bein a monkey i suppose i mentally unfit lol
SNLR is going to stop you from many areas. Do not see the Police looking to kindly at it.
2 Terms, 1 says "Services No Longer Required", which most employers now know means discharged for being a cnut and "Released from Army Service", which does not carry as much stigma as there is no fault attribuatable to the soldier, all under 9.414.



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