QOY weekends.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by quiller, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. The QOY are now running proper Sqn exercises the way they used to be done.

    In essense, Sqn deploys on EX, RHQ supply the whole regiments vehicles (if need be), and supplies proper enemy from the other Sqn's. What it means is that the boys get an excellent weekend, fast, furious training with whole fleet management being done properly. An interested and active enemy which will test the main SQN and an RHQ element is also supplied which means that everybody including SHQ is worked and worked hard.

    Most of the Sqns have now had a go and the boys are enjoying it massively. well worth it.
  2. How many turn up on a weekend?
  3. it depends on whether the weekends clash with bowman/ trade courses but normally about 40 for the working Sqn and 20 from others for the enemy.
  4. Put it this way, the fact that my parent Sqn wanted me to command a vehicle may give you some idea of the numbers they could muster.
  5. I see! same as the rest of the TA then!
  6. Ever thought about asking another unit to play OPFOR?
  7. and did you? for those sqn's who were less represented, i would hope once the good word gets round that the next w/e's would have people chewing at the bit to attend.
  8. Do you get CVRT?
  9. So are your veichles held centrally or do you keep them at your TAC's?
  10. kept at TAC's.
  11. No I didn't as I am posted at Bde, and therefore not in the Orbat, however they now know how to get me if necessary in the future
  12. I seem to remember someone trying to organise an exercise like that a year or so ago in Scotland!
  13. For now... Following the brief briefing we had on JAMES this weekend, I'm not sure how long it will last. Whole fleet management would seem to dictate that they'll go wherever they're needed and that's probably not sitting in a hanger for 25 days every month.
  14. depends how long they can be kept away from the sides of bridges :D