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It's been a while since I served in both QOY and SCOTS YEO. Can anyone confirm that the Ayrshire and FFY/SH sqns are now wearing blue berrets? As a tpr in A Sqn QOY we wore blue and changed to grey (to reflect the SCOTS DG connection). When I served with C Sqn the Athol Bonnet was a prised (yet fround upon) form of headress - are they still in evidence?


Nope, Dark blue to tie in with the rest of the regt. Just don't get me started about it......still bitter but hey ho.
A long time ago, but time to forget about the pain and move on. Survivabilty for Sqn's means being part of a good Regt. History and links mean nothing to this govt, so if you want your Sqn to survive then stop feckin crying about it.

and it's the scabby dog!


Lol, I'm TA ergo am allowed to whinge!
yes I know and I have, I also support it, despite my feelings.
I was a wearer of the Athol Bonnet, ex F/FY, and once forgot to put it back on coming out of the mess in the rush to get into the billet and changed and aboard the 'Liberty Wagon' for a night out on the town.
At quarter of a mile distance 'Jock Brak', our HQ Captain, spotted me among a group of ten bods and called out my name; "Staaaaand Fu**in' still", loud enough to be very easily heard. We froze.
Smart as a pin he marched across to us, all 5 and a half feet of him, stomped up to a crashing halt at 'nose to nose' distance and proceeded to regail all ten of us with the story of the Athol Bunnet, it's place in history, that of the Fife and Forfar's in WW1 and WW2 and thereafter, and the trouble caused in retaining the 'bunnet' while changing over to the RCT.
Needless to say the 'bus was off and away by the time he'd finished, leaving nine very displeased Jock's destined for a 'dry' night and one very chastened DR with apologies to make. I got some stick all week on excercise, and had difficulty in finding a dry berth to chuck my sleeping bag in at night!
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