QOH - The Saltau Bogie

Discussion in 'RAC' started by johnEXvma, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. Anyone out there ex B Sqn QOH. I can remember a cartoon on the wall behind the bar in the Sqn Club in Detmold. It was called "The Saltau Bogie". If so have you got a copy?
  2. Not many of em left about,but will ask about when they get back from the warm place!
  3. GDav I believe is ex QRIH, not sure how chummy they were prior to their amalgamation in 93'....he might be able to throw you a bone.
  4. Ask the ex 4/7th guys 'cos most of what the QOH left in Detmold '83 was smashed up and covered in piss :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: (i said P**S but the computer says NO)
    I cant remember any except in the QM's block,there were some drawings in there :tp: :tp:
  5. Sorry mate. I only knew the guys in my intake and we didn't get a chance to mix when we got posted. Detmold felt like 1,000 miles from Munster.
  6. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    GDAV mate- you should have gone by track and not by horse, it would have seemed as it was just down the road - sorry just had to do that.
  7. Hope you enjoyed cleaning the horsesh1te out of Tidworth ;)

    John if you try the regimental website www.qrh.org.uk you can register and post your request there. There's also another unofficial QOH site somewhere which shouldn't be too hard to find.
  8. Thanks Gdav
  9. I remember that picture mate as I was a young` un in B Squadron but got shafted to go as Colonels gunner to HQ Squadron before we left for catterick. Pity if things like that got binned but I bet that`s what happened mate.
  10. Hi Dagger
    Are you in touch with any other ex B Sqn? Perhaps they may be able to help.
  11. Just been to the new Worcester Troop reunion, was cracking mate. A few good lads there from B Squadron from around 1980 to 1983 were there like Punk Macale, Doc, Dave Ave, Andy Burnet and Noggin. I`ll aske them at the next do. If I remember right it was Paul Booker who did the picture. He was my first Troop Corporal in the regiment.

    Sean Ryan turned up got pissed and anti and then shit himself whilst standing up at the bar .... it was just like Detrmold all over again. :D
  12. Hello Dagger,

    Mac Mck****p here, long time no see. Re the Saltau Bogie, i think it was Paul that did it, i think Steve La***y is still in touch with him.

    I was the last one out of the B Sqn block in Detmold and it wasn't there then. The only thing that was left behind was the "Colours" we knicked off the yanks when they visited. Iv'e still got that and looking for a home for it. Any ideas? Maybe Milli can have it for his next do in Worcester, a little bit of B Sqn history still surviving!.
  13. Bloody hell mate, good to know you`re still alive and kicking.

    Decent amount of B Squadron lads at the Worcester do mate. I`ve got a spare room if you want somewhere to get your head down for the next Worcester do.
  14. Thanks for that dagger, i might take you up on that, ex wife lives in Worcester so tend to keep my head down when i'm over that way!!

    I saw Milli at a Coventry do a couple of years ago (As well as the likes of the Geordie SSM with the rhyming slang if you know who i mean), trouble is that when i moved onto the Int i lost touch with a lot of the lads.
    Absolute class act that you all were.

    Would love to catch up with lots of the old B Sqn one day and it seems they are concentrated over that way. Drop me a line on my e mail (On the QOH site) with the details when you get a chance.

    Still looking for a home for the yank standard............................!