Discussion in 'RLC' started by PollyOliver, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. :? Does anyone know the answer to the question posed to me by Bemused of Aldershot - "is 10 Tpt Regt QOGLR part of The RLC?"

    According to Army publications - QOGLR is 'affiliated to The RLC'. Now that 10 regiment has taken on the title and been accepted by HQ Bde of Ghurkas, where does it leave the Corps?

    The Officers are rebadgeing -

    Are they "Left of the Line?", ie 10 regt comes after all other RLC Regular Regiments and before Regular Squadrons and the TA?

    Is there another precedent in another Corps?
  2. Left of the line? This isn't the foot guards, the only reason they'll be on the left of the line is when they number off!
  3. So there is a Regt in the RLC where the enlisted men are organised in a strict hierarchical (nay caste) system and who speak in a foreign language that the Officers who serve with them, on attachment, have to go on a course to learn?

    That sounds like 11 EOD Regt to me!
  4. Fijian language course anyone??
  5. 23 Pnr?
  6. QOGLR are still part of the Brigade of Gookas. Although I did see some chefs badged as RLC at St Omer????

    Dunno how it affects thier pay and pension.

    Personnaly the Gooka loggies should all be sacked as they are useless!!!! Keep the Rifles though.
  7. Learn more before you make ill informed generalisations!
  8. I've worked with em for the last 3 1/2 years so I think I'm fairly well informed....
  9. You can join direct from Nepa these days, you should note that joining as a traditional Gurkha involves a stringent selection.

    Learn to spell, punctuate and keep your drivel and thinly veiled racist comments to yourself too!
  10. Defend your position then...
  11. Just what is the Brigade of Gurkha's anyway? They are never deployed as such! HQBG in Nepal is concerned with Recruiting & Welfare & Gurkha Company at ITC Catterick in Training. Other than that they are tasked same as any other Regiment or Squadron...

    And what is a Gooka?
  12. After nothing but crap and derogatory comments coming from the Gurkhas for the last few years I must admit I have come too hate them with a passion. Being called "round eyes" day in, day out it does get very tedious and when a complaint is lodged through the official system the only reply you get is "it's their way". Most briefings are given in Nepalese and they wonder why there is resentment in the ranks from the UKTAP troops.

    They have a lot of top cover and are treated as very special. There are only a couple I have worked alongside that can actually do the job to a good standard, the majority of time is spent rechecking jobs that haven't been done.

    Don't get me wrong, I do have a lot of respect for the Rifles, they are good at what they do but the Loggies are a different story.
  13. Sounds like Gurkha loggies are as shite as their round eye counterparts! Bet they're only marking time befroe they can stay in GB full time and drive coaches for a living!
  14. CheekieNorthernMonkie,

    How ironic that you should have started a thread entitled: "If you made a t!t of yourself in a post..... (Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 4:31 pm) Were you mentally preparing yourself for this day?