My last unit being 10 Regt i heard about this a few yrs ago. Good lads the Gurkhas..i covered rear party Admin SNCO during Telic and it was a bit daunting having 20 odd newly arrived Gurkhas, not much English spoken, standing in front of you and 10 British soldiers who would be late, sick etc...(probably why they didnt go!). Always polite and always on time...nevermind i thought, give it a few months and they will be like us....well in fact they werent and its good news to have a Regt for themselves now. I have to say 10 Regt always did have "the Gurkha factor" though, which sometimes did go against you! Anyone who served there will know!!
What will happen to 94 Stores Sqn at 9 Regt. will they move or remain under command 9 regt etc. Already have to fight on two fronts with employment of troops this will make it so much more fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shooting Chef.

Fear not, 94 Sqn QOGLR will remain embedded in 9 Sup Regt RLC. QOGLR (or previously QOGTR or GTR) has never served as a geographically centralised Regiment throughout its history, so the locations of the Sqns is not a major issue.

As an aside, I have read some of your other threads about CORPSAAM and totally agree about how some units in the RLC (and probably the wider Army) believe that shooting is not an essential skill. A good reflection on how a little extra Phase 1 training at ITC Catterick pays off well for Gurkhas, is that they join their unts being able to shoot straight - the 9 Regt and 10 Regt RLC teams being testiment to this.

Why is my 'Waah' detector flashing?

However, if that was a serious question.....Until HQ DRLC changes the ORBAT of either a Tpt or Sup Regt, 94 Stores Sqn QOGLR will remain part of 9 Sup Regt RLC.
OK just wondered what the until would be. I suppose that until QOGLR is formed as independent org in May it would be unable to assimilate that suyb unit anyway, so it has to be safe until then. After that I guess it could (should?) part of its' Parent Regiment?

I think that you are missing the point a bit.

QOGLR is not being reformed as in "independant organisation", as it has always existed as a unit of the Brigade of Gurkhas and has been affiliated to the RLC since the formation of the Corps. QOGLR currenty consists of RHQ QOGLR (located with 10 Regt RLC in Aldershot); 1 Sqn and 28 Sqn QOGLR affiliated to the ORBAT of 10 Regt RLC; 94 Sqn QOGLR affilated to the ORBAT of 9 Regt RLC; a detachment in Brunei, a Troop at DST and a few other posts scattered elsewhere around the globe.

The main changes on 12 May will be that RHQ 10 Tpt Regt RLC will cease to exists (as it merges with RHQ QOGLR) and 36 (HQ) Sqn RLC will become 36 (HQ) Sqn QOGLR. The key point for the troops is that the appointment of RSM will once again be within their reach - and quite rightly so.
OK, but taking that a stage further why could 94 Sqn not be formally part of QOGLR? it seems that by definition it will be anyway so the logical thing would be to make it an element of the regt.
94 Stores Sqn QOGLR is and always has been a QOGLR sub-unit. QOGLR as a Regiment currently exists as an administrative grouping (with the Sqns operationally embedded within 10 and 9 Regts RLC). The reformation of QOGLR as a major unit on 12 May will makes the majority of it an operationally deployable unit, however 94 Sqn will remain embedded in 9 Sup Regt due to the nature of their role.

It matters not where the soldiers serve as QOGLR 'esprit de corps' is particularly strong.
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